Cyber ​​Monday is a holiday for e-commerce businesses. Marketers will be competing for a share of the $11 billion in Internet marketing forecasts in the United States alone. Information marketing can be an opportunity.


The channel uses text messages – short message service (SMS) or multimedia messaging service (MMS) – to promote products. Customers agree to receive these messages in exchange for discounts, product updates or other special offers.


The Exclusions section is important. It’s not impossible, but it takes work.


Let’s be clear. I’m writing this in October, about six weeks to Cyber ​​Monday. Using SMS or MMS to advertise this year can be difficult if you are starting from scratch. Still, the effort can be worth it, especially if other marketing strategies are available.


The idea goes like this: SMS marketing is the beginning and therefore it is not crowded compared to advertising on, for example, Facebook, Google, TikTok and Hulu.


Building a Text List


The first step is to choose a text messaging platform. You have options including Text, Keyboard, and Audio. Here are five ideas for building an SMS list quickly.

1. Use text keywords to join. A text key to join is a word or phrase that someone types in and a short code or text number to join. A keyword can be a number, but it’s usually short, easy to remember, and connected to your brand.


You are likely to give people something valuable to entice them to sign up. For example, Beardbrand offers free hairstyling advice.

WineText, Gary Vaynerchuk’s best-selling SMS marketing service, promises special wine discounts in exchange for check-in.


Alternatively, consider offering a special deal for Cyber ​​Monday. Don’t be afraid to share this giveaway on social media channels and in your email newsletter.

2. Add a registration form to your site. Live in email marketing and add subscriptions to your home, team and product pages. Add an offer, such as a Cyber ​​Monday sale, as an incentive. You can A/B test SMS versus email. What created the most subscribers?

3. Use competition. Competition has become an important factor in social media marketing. In this case, use social media (both organic and paid) and your mailing list to encourage people to sign up for text messages for a chance to win prizes.


You don’t have to supply the store. Most people will sign up just for the chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

4. Put partners to work. Ask your partners to promote your new text messaging service. Consider paying $1 or $2 for each new SMS subscriber who stays on the list for 14 days.


Affiliates can start a new text messaging program. Hopefully more will eventually go on.


5. Add SMS to your payment. Many consumers prefer to receive business information (orders, shipping notifications) via SMS instead of email. Enter an optional text message at checkout and also enter a confirmation email.

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