The May 2021 iOS changes continue to affect media. For Triple Whale, an Austin, Texas-based analytics platform, the shift is a setback for consumers and an opportunity for businesses. Rabah Rahil is the Chief Marketing Officer of Triple Whale. He and I recently discussed the impact of iOS 14.5 and the need for better features, media testing and more. Transcript of our entire discussion below. This transcript has been edited for clarity and length.


Eric Bandholz: What is Triple Whale?

Rabah Rahil: We called Triple Whale an e-commerce system. We extract your sales and advertising data and the cost of sales to create a value analyzer to analyze what is happening in your online store – all in one interface.

Our Affluencer Center tracks impact ROI. Creative Cockpit monitors content performance. It applies to Triple Pixel, our answer to the iOS 14.5 debacle, to solve the identity confusion and find out what creativity is working.


Bandholz: Does Triple Pixel own it?

Rahil: Yes, Triple Pixel is owned by him. Our customers rent pixel resources from us, which means they won’t be kicked off the platform (or incur delays) for using other pixels.

One of the problems in it is the reduction of the system. Which platform is the source of truth for knowing the reference of the sale? Google, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat all have their own identity systems and they’re all in sync.

Triple Whale’s proprietary Pixel passes iOS 14.5 rules. All platforms – Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok – are connected to our interface, eliminating the need to provide details. Triple Pixel becomes the only source of truth for performance measurement.


Bandholz: If you’re paying for acquisition, metrics should focus on new customers. It took me a while to realize that.

Rachel: It’s true. Paid advertising is expensive. It works best with high quality products. I believe 80% prospecting and 20% retargeting – even 90% to 10% if you don’t have a range.

We’re seeing the pendulum swing back to profitability, turnover, and new customer acquisition. Use paid advertising to promote the marketing environment, such as signage, email, and organic reach. But if you’re trying to grow and pay only, it’s a long and expensive road.

In addition, the change of media is important. We have seen this with our most successful clients. They view paid media as an asset. How can you spend money to get the maximum promotion for your business? If it’s a billboard or newspaper ad, do it. Facebook is not the only way to grow.

Another way to recycle is to invest in your community. A community that promotes growth, retention and product development. Marketers want a place where their most trusted customers can gather – a Facebook group, a Slack channel, WhatsApp, wherever.

Also, look at basic economics. There is a saying in the health industry: “You can’t train with the wrong food.” The same goes for marketing. You can’t spend more than a bad economy. If you buy ads, make sure your limits and values ​​are correct. Otherwise, change the frame. Get the best shipping rates. Understand it. Don’t play unwinnable games.

Most importantly, create a system around creative media testing. It will be my best investment. Marketers spend $50,000 a day on ads that are constantly innovating, testing them against each other. Creative testing techniques are very useful, especially if you want to increase your advertising revenue.

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