A new McKinsey & Company report, “Technology Trends Outlook 2022” (PDF) focuses on the global impact of progress in information, energy and mobility technologies.

The report includes the results of an MCKINSEY online survey in June 2021 on 1,843 world participants representing “the full range of regions, industries, business sizes and functional specialties”.

Artificial intelligence, according to McKinsey, automation, adds or improves cases of commercial use of the real world. Adoption of AI technology by companies is one of the key technology trends.


The value of intelligence, according to the report, is the main improvement in the value of work – increased income and income.

IndustryWeek is a US-based business publication that conducts research and analysis on the manufacturing and supply chain. IndustryWeek’s annual technology survey examines how manufacturers are using digital technology to transform. This year’s survey, conducted in April, received responses (PDF) from representatives of 204 US manufacturers.

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