Many content creators have used hundreds of thousands of followers to buy their courses, ebooks and other products using Twitter.

For these entrepreneurs, a Twitter profile is a powerful communication and marketing channel. That’s the point that investor and author Brian Feroldi made in a September 10, 2022 presentation at Fincon, a conference for financial educators and authors. Feroldi is the founder of Long Term Mindset, an investment newsletter sent to more than 40,000 subscribers every Wednesday. He also has 358,427 Twitter followers.

This is an example. You wrote an almost perfect tweet. Thousands of people read it. Hundreds of people click to view your Twitter profile. But will the message you give attract them to follow?

In this sense, your Twitter profile is the closest business. If it provides the right information (text and images), your audience will grow.

According to Feroldi, these are the five things that must be included.


Social proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon when people think that other people’s actions reflect positive behavior. In other words, if many people do something, it must be right. Social proof is a way to influence people’s decisions or at least make them feel at ease.

For a Twitter profile, this means including a header image that “shows” your account is worth following.

Feroldi’s profile picture shows his books and includes logos from respected publications, including The Motley Fool, Inc. and Yahoo! Money.

                Feroldi’s header image uses his book and respected brands to provide social proof.

Sahil Bloom, investor, podcaster, and author, uses footage from his sabbatical at Stanford University. This image shows potential followers that Bloom inspires and refers to his quality.

If you don’t have photos of sports or books, consider showcasing your business, a conference you’ve attended, or even a beautiful building you’ve visited.

Bloom’s success as a college athlete provides a measure of proof regarding his focus and education.

Profile picture

Use a professional photo — Feroldi’s is one example — so you can quickly identify yourself in your tweets.

The profile picture should be recognizable and clear, even if an illustration.


Solo entrepreneur Justin Welsh uses a dramatic and dark profile picture for his Twitter account, which has 187,000 followers.

Welsh uses a dark profile picture that stands out and makes it easy to recognize him in tweets and comments.


Benefits in the Description

The description or biography section of a Twitter profile is a small marketing piece. And like any good post, it should focus on the benefits from the perspective of the potential follower.

It should answer the main question: “What can people expect from following you on Twitter?” But it should be clear and concise since the profile description has a 160 character limit.

For example, Justin Welsh’s description provides a clear benefit: “Creating a portfolio of people’s business earns $ 5 million.” The idea is that if you follow it, you can learn to do the same thing: build a portfolio of one-person businesses.


Newsletter link

Editorial newspapers are a “property” audience – a direct link between the publisher and the reader.

Feroldi and many other entrepreneurs use newsletters to build email lists. They “own” the listing and can use it to generate revenue. For example, Feroldi uses its newsletter to sell products and post sponsor announcements.

Marry the idea of ​​having an audience with Revue’s Twitter newsletter software, and you can post newsletter links directly to your Twitter profile. If you don’t want to use Revue to send newsletters, you can easily connect it to other email service providers using Zapier or Pollenate.

You can collect email addresses directly from your Twitter profile.

A Pinned Thread

Twitter feeds are a powerful way to interact with your audience. It’s a form of writing – a series of brief tweets.

Feroldi suggests finding your most successful thread and adding it to your profile.

Justin Welsh posted the following thread explaining how one of his projects alone raised $1.3 million.

This thread lets potential followers see what they can learn when they follow Welsh.

Sahil Bloom has a string attached to the decision-making rule, which he calls “the blade”, i.e. Feynman’s razor or Occam’s razor. The thread has over 98,000 likes, 20,000 retweets and 2,100 comments at the time of writing.

This thread is one of Bloom’s most popular. It lets followers get a taste of his style and content.

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