Facebook has over 2.9 billion monthly active users. This is a great opportunity to get involved for entrepreneurs, as long as they have the tools to track results.

Here is a list of free and paid analytics tools to measure results on Facebook. Some apps focus only on Facebook, while others measure influence across social networks.


Meta Business Suite


Insights, in the Meta Business Suite, provides organic results and paid efforts on Facebook and Instagram. Get metrics, trends and visual reports to determine which Facebook pages and Instagram strategies are performing well and where you can improve. Get regional demographics and subscribers. Insights is a part of the company that allows businesses to create, manage and publish content on Facebook and Instagram. Price: Free.

Insights is also available in Creator Studio, a Meta dashboard for individuals to publish, manage, monetize and rate content on Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Creator Studio Monitor provides Facebook content, page and revenue statistics. Find out how many people saw your content and how they interacted in the last 7 days. Price: Free.

Buffer allows you to schedule posts on Facebook and other social media and know when they get the most activity. Compare the results of paid and organic efforts. Organize your posts for the best days and increase your likes, comments and shares. Respond to comments on your Facebook page and keep your audience engaged. Pricing: Analytics plans start at $5 per month.



Cyfe, now part of Traject, provides dashboards for calculating ROI, integrating data sources, and visualizing trends. Easily connect dashboards to your custom data sources and turn KPIs into compelling insights. Easily create a Facebook ad dashboard to monitor your campaigns, ad settings and engagement. Extract data from third-party sources with 100+ integrations and 250 machines out of the box. Price: Plans start at $19 per month.


Agorapulse is a tool for managing and analyzing the content of social networks, including Facebook. Compare your page to competitors on key metrics such as engagement rate and total engagement rate. Download all performance reviews in PowerPoint. Agorapulse keeps all your data: comments, likes, ratings, comments, private information and interactions with your supporters. Listen to social conversations about your brand and respond quickly. Price: Free for one user. Premium plans start at $79 per month.

Rival IQ analyzes your performance on social media, search engine keywords, website content and more. Get comprehensive reporting, post metrics, video insights, page views analysis and more using Facebook benchmarking. Find out the demographics of your audience and the content that resonates with them. Extract the data to show the metrics that matter most to you. Find out if a competitor has uploaded a Facebook post so you can act quickly. Create a popular brand and data-driven Facebook marketing strategy. Evaluate your performance on Facebook compared to other social channels. Price: Plans start at $239 per month.

Sprout Social is a social media management and intelligence platform. Sprout’s Facebook integration includes sharing, naming, response management, and page reviews and messaging. Collect paid and organic insights to measure fan growth, monitor engagement, and track post performance. Understand influence, fan growth, and content behavior through data visualization and dynamic graphics. Analyze ranking data and track key Facebook metrics to compare and contrast with competitors. Pricing: Plans start at $99 per month.



SocialPilot allows you to measure the performance of your Facebook page, understand your audience, and track content that resonates with followers. Analyze growth trends to create engagement strategies using built-in social media analytics tools. Upgrade and improve media management by customizing notifications. Respond to conversations directly across your Facebook page and Instagram account. Focus on important discussions and mark resolved issues later. Price: Plans start at $30 per month.




Keyhole is a social media and analytics tool. Follow any public Facebook page (yours or a competitor’s) and understand how it works. Research the hashtags and keywords on each Facebook page and other business ideas that are used when talking about your brand or topic. Contact for rates.



Oktopost is a social media management system for B2B customers. Organize large volumes of social content across multiple networks, track business performance metrics, and integrate social data. Monitor subscriber growth, click demographics, and brand names. Gain insight into your buyer’s social media journey, analyze your strategy’s engagement with the search generation, and assign new leads to campaigns, posts, and social profiles. Contact for rates.



Hootsuite is a social media dashboard. Share real-time insights by analyzing your brand, company, products and competitors. Measure the impact of your social media campaigns with detailed channel reports. Get key metrics on every public post, including clicks, comments, reach, share, and video reach. Get recommendations for the best time to post based on your account’s historical performance. Get analytics on your team, audience, media, video and live performance. Pricing: Plans start at $49 per month.


Mention allows you to track all social media conversations and discover interactions, including direct Facebook comments. In the statistics dashboard, analyze the data and identify the trends in the pages you are analyzing. Extract data by source or location, view related topics, view event schedules and shipping information. Pricing: Free for 1,000 comments. Premium plans start at $29 per month.


Unmetric is a social media benchmarking platform for real-time decision making by benchmarking, benchmarking and analyzing your social media performance and that of your competitors. Track every campaign in your company. Find Facebook ads promoted by competitors to replicate your own strategy. Contact us for rates.



Brand24 is an advertising monitoring tool for online brand management. Use referrals to track the quality and quantity of buzz to gain new insights about your customers. Use sentiment analysis carefully to understand customer behavior and see where problems need immediate attention. Access the research module to find and engage in important discussions. Price: Plans start at $59 per month.

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