A new report from Search Console titled “Video Page” has caused a lot of anger among users. I will clear up some confusion in this article.

What does the story show?

The story has two main parts:

The new report in Search Console shows videos indexed and not.

What does “Subscription Video” mean?

When showing a video, Google knows the file. It uses the information in the file and its pages to figure out what it means – hence the related questions. This does not mean, by the way, that Google will release rich videos in the search results.

Listed videos can be eligible for autoplay previews where viewers can see a short clip when they hover over it, similar to YouTube. So far, these reviews only work for actual YouTube pages in search results, but the news could indicate Google’s intention to expand the feature.


Why aren’t my videos showing up?

Google lists several possible reasons why a video is not indexed. The most common is an incorrect ignition code. This is an older version of the site that uses non-YouTube content or plugins. The fix in most cases is to update the code and support the page in the Search


                Faulty embed codes are a common reason for videos not being indexed

Other reasons for not registering include:


How do I get my video playlist?

Pages with videos that do not appear in the “Video Pages” report can be fixed in two ways:

For an indexed landing page, make sure your video is visible and playable on that page.

Also, implement lazy embedding for your videos to ensure that the code doesn’t slow down the page load.

Finally, use structured data to optimize video access to rich snippets. There are free Schema.org video generators for this purpose. Videos with Schema.org tags will appear in a separate “upgrade” report in the search engine.


Useful addition         

The video page report is a useful addition to the Search Console, especially for sites that focus on streaming. However, it is important not to overthink the story. Fix those mistakes, and move on. I wouldn’t be interested in that.

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