Commercial emails are automated messages based on a visitor’s interaction with a website. There are different types, including:


These emails are powerful engagement tools, much more important than traditional marketing requests.

It can be delivered a lot. Commercial emails are delivered individually rather than from a list, increasing the chance of reaching the recipient’s inbox instead of spam or junk folders.

Long storage life. Consumers keep commercial emails in their inboxes for longer, resulting in higher brand exposure.

Space is high and click rate. The content of business emails is often informational and not promotional, resulting in high open and click-through rates. Listrak’s “2021 Ecommerce Email Benchmarks” report found that business emails have the highest open rates at nearly 61%, while general marketing emails are down about 13%.

5 ways to improve

Cover the point.

Use consistent symbols. Business emails should mimic the overall look and feel of your site and brand while defining the purpose of the message. Typically, this includes the variable “From:”, but not always. For example, Amazon’s order confirmation is from “auto-confirm@amazon.com” while its abandoned shipping notification uses “store-news@amazon.com”.

Use e-mail to customize SMS messages, as the former supports the latter, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Take advantage of all business opportunities. Most guest relations are suitable for email. For example, many brick and mortar retailers now offer e-receipts and physical checks. This practice benefits consumers by reducing paperwork and customers by collecting addresses from consumers for sales.

To show creativity. Business emails don’t have to be boring. Color, photography and design increase engagement.

Use Email on Acid, Litmus, or a similar tool to ensure that the email displays well on smartphones and is accessible to blind recipients.

Use personal. Segmentation and personalization has become a cornerstone of business email marketing, increasing open rates and click-throughs by more than 25%. Include personalized product recommendations, sales recommendations, warranty offers, ranking reviews and other business information.

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