Here’s a list of product releases and updates for mid-August from online consumer service companies. There are updates on same-day delivery, subscription management, personalized product recommendations, anti-fraud, social transactions, SMS marketing, augmented reality, and customization.

Ecommerce Product Releases


Amazon offers same-day delivery. Amazon has introduced same-day delivery for several brands, including PacSun, GNC, Superdry and Diesel. Amazon Today is available to Prime members in select zip codes in more than 10 cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Seattle, and Washington D.C. Prime members in eligible zip codes can visit Amazon, browse a selection of stores in their area and choose same-day delivery. Amazon sends it to the store, the retailer fulfills it through the inventory, and an Amazon courier delivers it to the customer on the same day. Items available include daily necessities, beauty, pets, toys, electronics, and clothing. Amazon plans to expand to other retailers in the US in the coming months.

 Klaviyo and Shopify announce important partnership. Klaviyo, the email marketing platform, announced a partnership with Shopify in which Klaviyo will now serve as the recommended email marketing partner for Shopify Plus, a plan for customers with limited sales volume. In addition, Klaviyo will receive a $100 million investment from Shopify and access to the launch of new developer features, enabling both brands to extend technology designed to help customers.


Epay has partnered with Fraugster for fraud prevention. Epay has selected Fraugster, a payment intelligence firm, to lead its anti-intelligence service. Epay is the digital payment processing division of Euronet Worldwide, a global fintech provider. Because the demand for digital payments and tokens is constantly increasing, the barrier requires continuous development, according to Epay.


Nextech AR powers the Shopify ARitize 3D app. Nextech AR Solutions, a metaverse company and provider of augmented reality and 3D modeling services for e-commerce brands, announced the release of ARItize Configurator as an enhancement to the ARItize 3D app on Shopify. ARitize Configurator allows e-commerce sites to display a wide range of products from 3D models. Using AR services, consumers can view customized 3D products at home or wherever they want and change colors, dimensions, materials and textures in 3D in real time.

CommerceIQ introduces automated fundraising.

 CommerceIQ, the leading e-commerce platform, launched Revenue Recovery Automation, which combines intelligent automation with consumer insights to drive omnichannel profitability. Software uses machine learning to stop sources of revenue and profit leakage. Financial recovery software automatically disputes deficits and debt recovery, resulting in profit growth. The platform’s inventory management dashboard and charging portal allow users to visualize their data, analyze and identify issues, and take action.


Pantastic acquires LimeSpot Solutions. Pantastic Networks, a provider of e-commerce services for independent brands, announced its acquisition of LimeSpot, an intelligent personalization application. LimeSpot offers a wide range of products to enhance the shopping experience throughout the customer journey, including (i) Personalizer, which provides targeted, AI-powered recommendations on e-commerce sites, (ii) Segmented Experience, a time segmentation engine , and (iii) Google Shopping performance enhancements that increase return on ad spend by combining audience data, product attributes, and behavioral data.


Business Momentum launches new Amazon Search Trends tool. Marketing Momentum, a digital marketing consultancy, has launched the Amazon Search Trends app. Free search provides a comprehensive view of search terms that are associated with brand products on Amazon. Users choose one of the more than 50,000 brands sold on Amazon, and the Business Momentum dataset provides a breakdown of the brand’s presence on Amazon. Each breakdown includes monthly search volume estimates since October 2021, as well as detailed data tables and interactive visualizations.

Brave Business is partnering with Govalo to promote subscription offers. Strong Commerce, an e-commerce technology company, announced a merger with Govalo, a gifting app for Shopify. A strong subscription to Govalo will allow retailers to offer subscriptions to consumers, opening up additional revenue streams. Marketers can customize their subscription gift products and launch them on their e-commerce site. When a consumer buys a gift subscription, Govalo automatically sends it to the recipient to manage, i.e. change the date, exchange items and choose to keep the subscription on their credit card after the gift period.


Orca announces app and creative economy platform, Koji. Orca, a social media platform focused on helping creators, announced the release of a new app on Koji, a link-in-bio and social media app store. Orca allows creators to add their store of premium hand-picked products with their link in bio. Using Orca, creators get services and products they sell to their audience through the app, providing a way to reach their audience and link in bio. Developers who want to create an online store can do so in minutes with the Orca web application by providing their name, social link, and custom URL. Once they create their account, creators can add products to their storefront and start selling right away. 

Listen to launch SMS shopping with Shopify’s Shop Pay. Listen, a conversational business platform, recently announced the launch of text-to-buy and Pay stores, allowing customers to make purchases directly by text. Built by leveraging Shopify’s e-commerce platform, SMS Marketing services allow hassle-free checkout for mobile devices. Sign-up removes a step from the buying journey for a brand’s SMS subscribers. Customers can now purchase in response to a promotional SMS from a brand without having to navigate to a website or checkout page. Focus will deliver a personalized shopping experience based on the buyer’s preferences based on their browsing and budget, all in one text message.

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