Marketers and marketers who want to develop their social media skills can enroll in free online courses taught by teachers and experts.

Here is a list of free tutorials to improve your social media marketing skills. There are lessons in writing for social media, monitoring and analysis, research, and more. Some courses are one class. Others have multiple modules and longer specializations. All courses are free – some offer add-ons at a premium level.

Free Social Media Marketing Course

What is Social?, from Northwestern University, is the first in a series of six, “Social Media Marketing: How to Profit in the Digital World.” The course provides the tools, insights, knowledge and skills necessary to make an immediate impact in an organization. Use the review option to check out some courses and services without signing up or starting a free trial. Paid learners will receive additional content beyond the core course.

Introduction to Marketing from the University of British Columbia will teach the basic concepts and tools to help you understand and succeed in marketing. This course covers social media marketing techniques and other basic marketing topics including marketing research, branding, pricing, marketing communication, and more. Learn from the award-winning academic methods of the Sauder School of Business.


The Business of Social, from Northwestern University, will explain how to transform your organization’s social marketing by making unsolicited investment an integral part of its marketing strategy. Learn the principles, performance metrics, and management techniques for success.


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, from Google’s Digital Garage, is a free course. Accepted by the European Interactive Media and Open University, it includes 26 modules, created by Google’s customers. It contains practical exercises and clear examples to help you turn your knowledge into practice. The social media component will help identify appropriate social networking sites, create targeted content and measure success.


Meta Blueprint offers free online courses and webinars to develop your marketing skills on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Follow instructional techniques, such as “identifying building features” and “creating a path.” Track content by category and become a certified professional. Prepare with study guides and practice tests, then complete with an online test.

Viral Marketing and How Contagious Content Works, from the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania, explains how to create more effective marketing ideas for brands and products. Using principles from his book, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”, Professor Jonah Berger outlines a successful strategy for using buzz to create virality. Get a better understanding of how to create viral content, create sticky messages, and get any product, idea, or practice to achieve.


 Social media monitoring on Udemy shows you how to organize content and find influencers online. Master the art and science of social media to identify conversational points and meet your audience on their home turf. Learn how to analyze social media for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Craigslist, blogs and forums.


Social Media and Marketing Webinars is a YouTube playlist featuring content from a weekly series of webinars, covering topics such as content planning, Instagram for business, Facebook strategy and more.

HubSpot’s social media marketing strategy will help you organize conversations in your business, build trust, and attract new customers and partners. Join HubSpot Academy Professor Crystal King to learn how to build an effective social media strategy, implement public listening and moderation, create social content, expand your reach, excel in digital advertising, measure return on investment and more again.


Content, Advertising & Social IMC, from Northwestern University, shows how marketers are succeeding in today’s social media environment. Find out why creating engaging content for your audience is important for effective social marketing. Benefit from integrated who-where strategies that use platform-specific information to increase your market share. Get game tips to capture your audience and learn the secrets of advertising on Facebook and other social sites.


Social Media Analytics, by Quintly, covers the basics of social media analytics for beginners and marketers looking to expand their knowledge. It aims to help everyone with social media research, whether they work for a brand, company or in advertising.


Social Media Strategy for Small Business is a series of four modules. Explore different types of social media and methods for preparing and sharing content. Learn how to measure engagement on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn and YouTube. Review your social media and e-commerce strategy.


 Writing for Social Media, from the University of California, Berkeley, and online course provider edX offers a framework for writing about social media, focusing on purpose, content, and audience. Learn how to organize and write content that communicates your message, engages your audience, and tells your business story.

Sprout University offers a variety of short courses in social media, content and email marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, link building, and more. Social media techniques include “How to Create Social Media Marketing” and “How to Market Your Small Business Effectively on Social Media”. Learn how to optimize your social media profile for search engines and convert followers into customers.


Market Analysis: Strategy Measurement Strategy is the starting point of market analysis. Learn how to use analytics to better allocate your ad spend and generate additional revenue. Learn market segmentation to organize products and services. Understand the metrics to track to achieve your goals.


Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice, available from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, introduces the science of web analytics and applies data analysis to the problems marketers face every day. Gain practical knowledge about organizing, collecting, analyzing and reporting data.


Social Media Ethics examines ethical and respectful behavior in social media. Learn to be reasonable, show patience and respect for others, and do the right thing on social media.


The Social Media Marketing in Practice specialization, from the Digital Marketing Institute, is a four-part program in social media. The first phase begins with the basics of digital marketing and change before moving on to the basics of social media and content marketing. The second series delves into social media, business strategy, and the power of social media marketing for marketers. The third phase focuses on marketing through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The final course covers Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube advertising and social marketing techniques for engaging with today’s customers.

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