Global investment in advanced manufacturing technologies stood firm in the second quarter of 2022, with revenue and contracts remaining at historically high levels. That’s according to a new report from CB Insights titled “State of Advanced Manufacturing Q2 2022” (PDF).

According to the report, the global investment for advanced technology in the second quarter, at $ 2.7 billion, remained unchanged from the first quarter of 2022. Despite the 14% fall in the number of transactions in 108, it is the second highest rank. since 2018.

Although Asia and Europe saw a slight decrease in revenue, the share of US trade increased.

Hubs is a platform based in the Netherlands that provides access to a global network of manufacturing partners. The April 2022 report from Hubs titled “3D Trend Report 2022” (PDF) discusses “technological changes and trends in the 3D printing market”. Report data based on segments and 3D Hubs 2021 and 2022 global research by manufacturing engineers.

The survey asked these engineers about the key factors for choosing 3D printing for parts.

According to the Hubs report, applications of 3D printing will include manufacturing tools, jigs, and fixtures to support other manufacturing processes.

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