Twitter is not the greatest social media. It doesn’t have many images, and your competitors may not be using it. However, Twitter can connect businesses with millennials and Gen Z moms.

Let’s be clear. Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are the social media drivers of mom marketing. But thanks to its potential as a news-based platform, Twitter can increase e-commerce companies’ efforts to attract moms, especially when it comes to organic traffic, email list growth, and SMS and building a house.


Twitter for moms

There are at least four reasons mom-focused online marketers should consider Twitter.

New. First, Twitter is a dynamic message. When the war broke out in Ukraine, CNN, Fox News and local TV anchors could cite Twitter as a source more than any other media outlet.

In an article for Editor and Publisher, Rob Tornoe of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote, “Twitter is still a powerful tool for newspapers, especially when it comes to breaking news. Following the right experts or local voices can improve your story.”

Tornoe emphasizes that Twitter is a source of information. This is in line with a survey by market research firm GWI, which found that 78% of mothers surveyed used Twitter as a source of information and 63% used it as a place to seek advice and parenting advice. The same GWI study also found that Twitter is popular with Gen Z (teens and 20s) for news.

Acceptance. Second, many mothers are involved in Twitter. Consider only a few parent accounts with the number of followers as of October 2022.

Of course, today’s mom, Amy Lupold Bair, and parents are also involved in other social media platforms, but they each have accounts that are not liked on Twitter.

Some “64% of consumers using Twitter communities and topics in the US and UK would like their favorite brands to be more involved in this space,” wrote the authors of the GWI report.


Fewer competitors. Third, Twitter is underutilized. Most mommy-focused brands don’t have a presence on Twitter. So e-commerce businesses may see fewer competitors on Twitter than on Facebook or Instagram, for example.

It’s easy to try. An online store can select the top five competitors and monitor them on Twitter. What kind of presence do they have?

If, like many brands, these competitors do not use Twitter well, this could be an opportunity for the company to increase the volume of the voice on the platform.


Growth of email and SMS lists. Fourth, Twitter is a great way to grow an email or SMS list.

Consider two ways to build a list: using an integrated email newsletter or asking followers in a tweet thread.

Via its Revue newsletter service, Twitter allows the placement of an email subscription form directly on a company’s profile page.

In the first case, the Revue magazine subscription form can appear directly on the Twitter profile. A Twitter reader can subscribe to a mailing list with just one click. But you shouldn’t use Revue as the ultimate newspaper provider for your business. Zapier or Pollenate can easily transfer subscriber information to your primary email provider.

Second, the tweet thread, one of the most powerful ways to get involved on Twitter, should give your readers so much value that you can request a subscription via email or text to the thread.

In any case, a business can use a Twitter account to build your mother’s list of followers and sell products.


Twitter directions are basic

Although it represents an e-commerce opportunity, Twitter takes time.

It is more social than other social media platforms, requiring less maintenance. This is a recipe to attract mothers.

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