It’s an example that always happens to sellers: they analyze Amazon’s products and come up with a list of useful and useful items, having a great conversation with sellers … and learn that what they want to sell falls under Amazon’s restricted product list. But with the help of RepricerExpress, we will show you how to avoid this disappointment and how to overcome it. 

Amazon Restricted Groups: What to Look Out For 

Depending on where you sell and where you sell to, the list of restricted products may vary. For example, Amazon has a list of products that are prohibited from being sold in the United States and a list of categories and products that require permission to sell. 

However, if you are selling in the UK, you will find that your list of categories, products and content restrictions is much shorter. Always be sure to check the list of prohibited items in your country/market. 

The reason for this is that Amazon wants to avoid the problems that always arise with the sale of illegal, unsafe, unsafe, or prohibited products. This can be a big legal and legal issue, but they decided it was easy to avoid getting completely lost in it. 

Amazon wants its buyers to buy with confidence, so they ban certain products completely or restricts new sellers until they build their reputation and trust.

As a seller, you need to take this seriously. If you ignore their list of restrictions, you may face consequences such as cancellation of registration, restriction of registration rights, suspension or even complete withdrawal of your registration rights. It is easier to learn the rules and where they can go down than to try to suspend or delete your account. 

If this is your first violation, Amazon will send you a notice and what you need to do. It can be frustrating if you could sell this item in the past but can’t anymore, but the best way to do it is to not argue and do what they say. 

What Are the Restricted Categories on Amazon?

Amazon is moving away from placing restrictions on broad categories and restricting access to niche subcategories. This is a list of articles currently banned from Amazon.

What if you want to sell and banned? 

Selling in Amazon’s restricted format is required to be “unprotected”, which means that you get exclusive rights to sell in a format that does not allow sellers to register and start selling. Each team’s security requirements are different, but that’s a basic process to follow. 

  1. Have a Professional Marketing Account 

To avoid getting banned from multiple categories, you should look for a professional broker account instead of securing any account. There are a few items, such as collectibles (easy to get), collectible coins (more difficult), fine jewelry (expensive), gift cards (easy both in black and white). , the Kindle app (simple, but). high cost), high speed (shipping costs can be a problem), and so on.

  1. Create a seller account 

When you create a merchant account, make sure the address matches your regular account. One thing to remember is that if your LLC name and your Amazon name are different, enter both. 

  1. Start a small history process 

You will need to buy about 10 products from three different brands that you don’t want to be stuck with, eg. 10 Collected Books, 10 Spices and 10 Clocks. You can keep these items yourself or sell them on your own listings, but don’t expect to make a profit. Your goal here is to bypass the unlocking process. 

  1. Collect and review invoices 

When you get the invoices, make a copy and keep the first one aside for safekeeping. You can make marks or additions to the print, but not to the original. And when you copy, make sure you have the following: 

Ask Amazon for a sponsored sale 

Whichever category you want to opt out of, Amazon will have a link where you can request resale rights. We recommend emailing during normal business hours for a quick response, which can take a few hours to a few days.

If you get permission, you can start creating listings and selling things in that format. If you don’t, Amazon will tell you why, which should help you edit your request and send it back to try and get support next time. 

Final Thoughts 

Marketing in a closed or restricted format can be difficult because the area is dominated by experienced people with healthy account metrics. You have to be on top of your game to keep up with other sellers who know what they’re doing, and one of the best ways is to offer competitive pricing.

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