Other sellers must now go through Amazon seller account verification before they can start selling on the market. Let’s take a look at what’s involved and what Amazon asks you to provide as part of this process. 

What is Amazon Seller Identity Verification?

Amazon Seller Identity Verification consists of a few different parts that prove you are a seller belonging to a seller account. The first is an online form with questions to fill out about your business and who will be the main point of contact. Next, you must provide information that supports your answer. 

As for what they will ask, here is what to prepare for when filling out the form: 

How to complete the Amazon seller account verification process 

Once you have collected all your documents, go to your Seller Central account and log in. From there, go to the seller confirmation page, and select the country in which your business is based. Now all you have to do is fill in the necessary fields and you are good to go. 

But before you click OK, it’s important to keep these two things in mind: 

If you received a rejection in your email, you may be wondering why, especially if you followed everything in our guide. However, Amazon is keen on the accuracy of all details. So here are the most common reasons for rejecting your identity verification. 

  1. The quality of the submitted documents is unacceptable. First, check that the name you save your file under contains only letters and numbers, no special characters. If you’re okay with that, check out the file name extensions we’ve listed. Finally, if both are correct, it may be the file size. If it’s more than 10MB, type it online and try again.
  2. Free information. You may have tried to submit an incomplete document. If so, review your statement (or anything else) and make sure you’ve included every page, including the printed page correctly. 
  3. Professional contact information is not available. This is easy to solve the problem. Go to your Seller Central account and verify that the account’s first name, email, phone number and address all match. If you see a discrepancy with, for example, your driver’s license, be sure to update it to match your Amazon account information. 

Final Thoughts 

Getting all your documents and information together can be a little overwhelming, especially since the authentication process is a little more complex than it would be for your email or social media. And you know what isn’t? RepricerExpress. This is because your order processing is right there on the screen in front of you and you don’t have to worry about scanning or emailing anything to get approved. If you’re not a user, sign up now and we’ll get started with a free trial.

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