With BFCM around the corner, have you checked all your boxes to ensure your business plan is ready for your customers’ eyes? We’ve created a simple checklist for this weekend.

Let’s talk about a few must-haves that will make it easier for you and your client to navigate this weekend’s events:  

If you’re going to sell, you’re going to increase traffic, which means more abandoned cars. Creating an abandoned cart campaign is key to encouraging that purchase even after a customer has abandoned your cart. 

During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you can get special deals. It’s important to make sure they don’t conflict with your other marketing. Do you offer a 10% discount for new buyers but also 40% for Black Friday? Are you ready to give that 50% discount? Make sure to turn off the other sales that are going on now or be ready for some big discounts. 

Ask yourself this question, is marketing easy to understand? A simple percentage or dollar amount works well, 2 for 1 or BOGO should be your go-to for big deals this season. If you make them too difficult for a customer, you may lose their attention during one of the biggest holiday sales. 

More customers and more sales mean one thing, more support. Make sure your team, whether it’s a ticketing system or call center, is ready for that next incoming call or email. Do they work during Black Friday? Be sure to give your customers clear instructions if they need to contact support, and set realistic expectations for response times.

Whatever you choose, make sure your customers understand it. If you have other products to sell on Monday, mark your Black Friday sale clearly and effectively. Do the same for Cyber ​​Monday. If you’re going to have a whole weekend of big sales, make sure your customers are too. As marketers, we can recommend treating these 2 unique ideas as 2 marketing methods, that way you can get 2 sales boosts in the weekend, but there are others. Will your marketing be very different, involve different goods, products? If they don’t, maybe a long sale will be enough for you. 

By that we mean this weekend’s rewarding practice. Marketing can attract people, but there’s an extra bonus you can give them to buy. Free samples or products for cashback on purchases, loyalty points, coupons for discounts after Black Friday, additional discounts on their next purchase. 

Think like this, many new customers will come to your site that attracts your sales, and maybe they will buy something from you. What will happen next? Do you let them go? Now the game is to keep them and give them value so that they become repeat customers, the first step is to buy the second one in the future, do you have any campaign for this?

Many will be new this weekend but thanks to the brand it will be easy to know a little about them and maybe next time send them a special offer tailored to them, a discount on their favorite product, or a refill. 

It’s really as simple as focusing on the goals you want to achieve. It can be as simple as cleaning out the inventory of products that don’t move much, introducing a new product or a little more complicated to get a group of new qualified customers or even increasing the average sales ticket. Either way, it’s your North Star that will determine whether you’ve sold well or not. 

This weekend will pass quickly and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing plan will be the next step. You have your goals; Do you know the exact data that will show success? Can you measure this data with your current equipment? If an increase in sales is what you want, do you have a benchmark for continued growth that you can compare to that this weekend? Data is your number one asset and this weekend will be a gold mine for collections, so get ready.

We hope you enjoyed our short checklist for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales. Although this weekend may seem like just a marketing effort, it can be a lot for your brand, use it as an opportunity to attract new customers to cultivate, review your current database, Give previous customers more value and add your brand. get out of there.

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