Ecommerce sellers face many of the same challenges that all other customers face, but some can be so unique that they need to be approached in a strategic way. unique.

 Optimizing your sales process is one of them, although it may seem like a simple problem, e-commerce customers face some of the following customer problems: 

When they face them, they will face another reality. How can they be sure that there is no way out of the explosion? This is often when a CRM or sales management system becomes a necessity rather than a benefit. 

What are ecom customers looking for in this type of platform?

Tip #1: Take the time to build your sales process in the format of your choice. 

 We’ve seen it time and time again, without the time to fully build a market value into the software you have you can only guarantee two things: 

 First, you are not getting the full value of your investment, which may not be small.

 Second, your sales team can’t work effectively with the rest of your team, which means less revenue, more time spent on tasks that can be automated, and monitoring and analysis. very well. 

Your sales process can have at least 3 steps, ensuring that you create a service for your salespeople, or marketing campaigns to re-engage users or even emails to make people people know when to install or ship something they can go a long way: 

PRE -SALE: when a prospect or a potential customer comes in.

 Depending on your product, this step can take a long time and require more interaction, this is especially true for B2B companies with long sales periods or custom products that require a representative to be included in this step. 

For most e-commerce businesses (maybe B2C), this is easily managed through a user-friendly interface in your store that doesn’t require any marketing. 

Selling: This is the real selling stage.

 For the B2B companies mentioned earlier, this is where most of the interactions happen. Calling representatives, research meetings, sending quotes, updating offers. There are several steps that can be taken here and you should be sure to follow them.

 One way to follow them is to go through the business process. For example, moving a business from retention to regulation can be a goal of any marketer. 

For other e-commerce businesses (maybe B2C), this can also happen in the store, although an abandoned car recovery campaign can help you avoid leaving money on the table.

 AFTER THE SALE: These follow ups are important and following them is just as important as any other process. 



 Your sales management software may have many automation features, make sure they are used.

 One of the easiest things to do is to filter the leads, assigning them to different reps to avoid the manual work of the supervisor. 

We have found that this can save up to 30 minutes to an hour per day. 

Not only can you fix this, but creating a task to remind your sales team to contact you within a day, two days or even a week has proven to be very effective in preventing Expectations to fall online.

 In fact, even setting an alarm when a lead hasn’t received an email in 48 hours can be useful, as this will alert the team member and take action before the lead arrives.

How about setting up an automation to reach that disinterested prospect in a month or three? What if the automation includes email?

 In 3 months you can get new music without any work and that is gold.

Think of your platform as a long-term investment, but for long-term benefits it’s sometimes important to give it time today.

Tip #3: Funding improves the sales of affiliates accepted in your system.  

When you get a sales management system, it’s easy to feel like you have to do it all, we get it, they’re not cheap. But keep in mind that your sales team is the engine of your brand, investing in them can mean growth if you make the right choices.

 Do they spend a lot of time writing emails? 

Maybe a combination to help them learn to fix this is in order.

 Is your sales team spending too much time on sales calls? It is one of the most common practices in B2B companies and is important in the long-term marketing process.

 Maybe software that helps them track calls, keep notes in one place, or even get messages on an answering machine would be very helpful. Software like AirCall.

 A smartphone for your business can be what we call it.

 A look at AIRCALL  

This cloud-based phone system is designed to help salespeople do more when they call.

 Forrester just released a Total Economic Impact (TEI) report showing that Aircall customers can see a 373% ROI! 

Here are some of the key benefits we’ve seen clients benefit from.

  1. Get your customer information from the first ring 

Your sales team will be able to see customer information about, not just the default properties like NAME, NAME, COMPANY. 

They will also be able to see behavior analysis such as when they last called, who they spoke to, what they said about it, and any notes that the last salesperson they spoke to is included. 

Real benefits: Happy customers  

No more angry customers asking your salesperson to know when they last called and what it was about. 

They no longer care about the people they talked to before.

Your sales team will be more prepared than ever to provide exceptional customer service. 2. 

  1. Automatic call registration / forwarding 

 Did you know that customers can’t call back if the first time they call, they get the wrong service?

What about the customer who wants to reach Jhon but contacts Mayra instead, if Mayra needs to transfer the call or put it at risk, gives Jhon’s number to the customer and hopes he remembers. Maybe Mayra should take care of the client herself. 

Take a guess and explain your plan. If John is around, the intervention will be easy for Mayra and AirCall, there is no nuance for the customer. If not, Mayra can help the customer by looking at any notes Jhon needs to understand his situation.

 And if you miss a call, the recording will allow you to call back any time. 

  1. History and location

This call is a marketing tool and making sure it is followed up and monitored is key to success. Reporting is a big part of what AirCall has to offer.

 Find compelling call metrics, track customer interactions, track rep success, and more. 

Your sales team is the gas of your engine, the engine itself. It is important to make sure that you give them the tools to do the job. Remember, helping them improve their performance has a direct impact on your business, both your return on investment and their motivation.

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