Stop the old, make way for the new is the key behind water purification. Time to check your wardrobe and get rid of old clothes to make way for new trends, new things, new styles if that’s what you want. 

As the world evolves, ideas like this emerge. For us, cleaning the water means freeing up space from things that no longer serve who we want to be in the future. When you think about it, we are not what we were a year ago, so now is the best time to rethink the situation and ask yourself, Do I really want what I want? 

Of course, we are talking about technology, specifically your collection of technologies such as e-commerce. (Cleaning the bathroom is all about you my friend).

 Your technology equipment is part of your daily life, and those of the people you work with may use some, if not all, of them in your day-to-day business. And what happened? Because that’s what they’re here for, to make your everyday life easier, to achieve those serious business goals like growth, lead generation, lead management, retention, and more. 

The question to ask at this critical and changing time is: is this technology still empowering you? You need to clean some apps, upgrade others, maybe some of them are blocking you.

 Here are three key questions you should ask yourself about every device in your tech collection: 

Did you get the benefits you wanted when you first signed up?

Not using the platform is one of the most common. We all see incredible power in many things, but then do we have time to act on it? Each platform requires hours of work to perform optimally. 

What would you do if you were not employed?

Tip: It’s always up to you and don’t forget to involve your team in any important decision. Maybe the decision is to look for other options or the decision is to be sure to make the most of your good fortune.

 Are you looking to reach maximum usage?

This is important! Let’s remember, you are probably not in the same space as a year ago when 1000 customers seemed far or when 100 bonus codes seemed like a lot. If you want to reduce the usage limit (we will say that 70% capacity is when the conversation starts, 90% capacity when it is urgent), you need to be ready for when you will pass them. 

Tip: Look at your past usage data to try to predict when you will reach your limit, and discuss with your team how to proceed. 

Do you need to upgrade your plans or platforms?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. 

Budget constraints and prioritizing some of these tools in your tech machine may be a “now” decision. They gave you what you needed from the resources you had, but maybe they weren’t the best in the end. 

When you look back at your tech stack, remember those tough decisions, look at where you are now, and think about what you missed.

Maybe it’s that awesome platform that’s easy to use and has all the features in one place, but it’s expensive. 

The final consideration here is not just time but duration. Do you know how fast you want to grow, this technology stack will be enough in a year? If the answer is no, plan and think about moving now, before other issues arise. 



The purpose of a water cleanse is not to get rid of things or improve, maybe you are happy with what you have and it fits your current growth rate. It’s important to look at things to make sure they work for you, to plan ahead if they don’t work in the future, or even to change any decisions. you did.

Although we strongly recommend offering these slippers with round toes in a comfortable environment, when it comes to technology, we can go back to one universal truth:

If it ain’t broke….

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