1. Leverage Q4 sales for Q1 success 

If you do everything right, your fourth trimester will be the best trimester of 2021. And to keep running, reinvest the money you earned in Q4 back into Q1 to maintain high sales in the long run. It is desirable to put the money in a savings account – since you need to invest there, you will also put a profit in the next quarter. 

There will be shoppers who want to start next year’s vacation early, there will be shoppers who miss the 2021 vacation, and shoppers who will want to use an Amazon gift card they received as a gift. Being prepared for these sales means you can reduce the holiday slump and increase your Q1 over other retailers. 

  1. Turn a holiday item into a cold weather item 

For many shoppers, winter lasts longer than Christmas. And if you can “turn” Christmas into something cool, you have a good chance of boosting your Amazon sales in the first quarter. For example, items such as skis/snowboards, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, shoes, car accessories and outdoor items are often bought as Christmas gifts, but they are always useful. in January and February (and even in March and April, depending. on the weather). Make it clear that these products seem to be important for the next few months (instead of replicating the holiday theme that has already been used) and reach consumers in the cold weather.

  1. Diversify by not focusing too much on seasonal marketing 

Christmas sales are one of the biggest sources of income for Amazon customers, but don’t let that be your golden goose. Instead, rethink your inventory to get the best products available year-round. Look for things that can be high and low turnover, then add low turnover, low turnover to balance things out. That way, you will have a good selection of products to keep the market going and consistent in the first quarter (and the rest of the year). 

  1. Start thinking about the holidays of 2022 

The main holidays on your calendar are Chinese New Year (February 12), Valentine’s Day (February 14), St. Patrick (March 17), and Easter (April 4). Although it is not a holiday, many Americans take the Super Bowl (February 7) as a holiday. This gives you a great opportunity to move products across different categories, such as candy, clothes, books, videos, gift baskets, electronics, cosmetics, toys, beauty care and more. Now, you are in a good position to start preparing and get ahead of your competition. But don’t wait too long!  

  1. Keep things in order 

Finally, with all the work you have to do to prepare for the first three months, it is important to keep everything in order. A quarter is a big quarter and doesn’t really reflect the whole year. It is incredibly hard to match customers, no matter who you are, because people just don’t spend that much in other quarters. Consumers are hungry and can’t spend as much as they did, so don’t base your expectations on what you did in Q4.

 Instead, think of the first trimester as a different neighborhood with its own character and reality, and base your plans around that. And instead of comparing Q4 to Q1, change your expectations to compare Q1 of 2021 to Q1 of previous years. This will help you manage expectations and exceed your Q1 performance in subsequent years.

 Dashi: Tips for Best Amazon Seller Stephen Smotherman 


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