Over the years, Google has changed its search results page, but three elements of organic snippets remain: 

Here’s how Google’s standard snippets work and how to optimize them for more traffic. 


The title is the visible part of the search snippet and the only thing that can be clicked on a desktop browser.

On mobile devices, the name and URL fields are all accessible. The image format is clickable (desktop) and tappable (horizontal).

Therefore, the title can have an impact on clicking. Google seems to back this up, saying that the title is “the main piece of information people use to decide which results to click on.” 

For years, Google has used page title tags in search snippets. This changed in August 2021 when Google announced that it will use multiple sources of information on its pages when creating snippet names. As a result, Google can use for the visible part of the page to adapt it to the expectations of Internet users.

Therefore, there is little control over the title of the article. But you can still promote for clicks by: 


Google displays all URLs under the snippet name.

But the URL now looks like a pie chart showing the position of the page linked to the site’s authority. In my experience, Google usually determines the part of the snippet correctly without further help. 

However, you can ensure that it is true by using the BreadcrumbList.


Snippet descriptions are usually two lines long. 

Google has a great book on how to write a good meta description to help it generate useful snippets. But Google ignores the meta description and uses the text on the page based on each search query. 

However, meta comments are still useful, especially when a page has little text. Google also says that it will use meta descriptions if they are relevant for the query. 

To help Google create useful snippet descriptions: 

Other texts 

There are many opportunities beyond standard snippets to drive clicks in organic search results. These include rich snippets, customized snippets, small sitelinks, and image thumbnails.

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