Here is a list of product releases and updates for the end of October from online consumer service companies. There are updates on payment solutions, digital advertising, e-commerce platforms, pop-up campaigns, reward programs, live business, and more.


E-commerce is emerging

Amazon now offers Venmo Pay. Amazon has announced that it will begin offering Venmo as a payment option for orders placed on its website and mobile app. This payment system will give Amazon customers more options when paying and give Venmo users another way to buy holiday gifts using their accounts. The Venmo payment option will be available to all US customers through Black Friday. 

AdRoll launches a rewards program for Shopify customers. AdRoll, the leading e-commerce and advertising platform for clients, announced a new rewards program partnership with Shopify. This program gives Shopify customers 10% back for every web ad spend through AdRoll. The program will begin on November 1, and Shopify customers with the AdRoll Advertising package or the Marketing & Advertising Plus package will be automatically enrolled. 


Walmart is launching a new content creation process. Walmart has announced the launch of a new platform for creators to earn money to buy products. Registered producers will have access to thousands of products and can get work on their referral market without a cap. Creators can share product links on any public platform or group they choose, receive product recommendations based on their interests and interactions, and collect valuable performance data to help grow their community and subscribers. 

Pay and Karma launched by Smart Karma shopping app. Karma, a fintech app that helps shoppers scan coupons and receive discount alerts, has launched Pay with Karma. The new in-app check-in offers shoppers a simple, one-stop shop experience with multiple payment options. Powered by global payment providers like Stripe, Pay with Karma offers flexible payment options including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and payment plans. no interest. PayPal is launching a new rewards program. 


PayPal announced the introduction of Rewards, a new program that allows consumers to buy, receive, track, save and redeem items. PayPal Rewards combines in-app merchant offers, cashback, and shopping products into one experience. Customers can connect rewards earned across PayPal products and shopping experiences, including PayPal apps and Honeycomb extensions.


Launch of Shoplazza e-commerce store in North America at Disrupt. Shoplazza, a global provider of shopping software as a service, launched publicly in North America at TechCrunch Disrupt. Shoplazza showcased all its e-commerce capabilities and expanded its social network with technology startups at the event. Shoplazza’s shopping environment consists of five categories: Strategy, Shipping & Fulfillment, Product Creation & Demand Printing, Payment, and Marketing. Partners and developers around the world can tap into Shoplazza’s global marketing pool to grow and grow. 


Signifyd, an anti-fraud platform, has launched Unparalleled Payments, a tool to help payment service providers increase authorization rates while reducing costs and providing customers with financial assurance against chargebacks. Payment systems help PSPs keep merchants accountable – with automated risk determination, capacity rate optimization, chargeback security and recovery, and robust payment management. 

Workflow Labs launches HelpDesk for Amazon sellers. Workflow Labs, a company specializing in automation software for online businesses, has launched HelpDesk, a workflow management tool for Amazon sellers. HelpDesk will serve as a dashboard for businesses working with Amazon to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. 


Emplif offers a new Live Business application. Emplif, a customer experience platform, launched three live business features: calling through social media, live care, and augmented reality. These features will improve the customer’s online shopping experience at every stage of the shopping journey. Call from Social enables live video calls from social browsers. With Live Care, brands can increase and improve their customer service through live video. With true screen sharing capabilities, brands can allow their sales teams to showcase their products to the consumer for a personalized experience.


Popable and Walmart are joining forces to help small retailers. Popable, a pop-up store platform that connects brands and spaces for short-term rentals, and Walmart announced a partnership that allows small businesses to rent retail space in Walmart stores across the country without having to commit to long term lease.

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