Did you notice we didn’t provide an email address? Because Vibetrace is a cross-channel communication platform, which means you can connect with your customers through: 


So what is Flow Automation?

An automatic process is one or more actions that occur based on an initial trigger. This motivation can be: 

From a technical point of view, e-commerce is easier to follow than some other (traditional) internet businesses. Because jobs in e-commerce stores are more or less the same every time: 

 Go to Website > Browse Categories and Products > Add to Cart > Payment > Order Confirmation 

 But what happens if this water does not happen all the way? If your conversion rate is 2-3%, it means that 97-98% of the cases are closed at some point.

 What data is collected? 

Based on the information above, in the online store, you can track these events using the tracking solution. Google has been doing this for some time and has released an e-commerce implementation strategy with the following practices: 

Since our customer data platform and recommendation engine require additional information, we follow these practices: 

This information allows us to power our customer data platform, input into our recommendation engine, automated triggers, and e-commerce reports. 

How does the automation process work?

Automation processes are supported by programs and user actions. You can also use interrupts, which means that the workflow will stop when the user does something.


We will not go into detail how these things work, because we need to focus on the automation process required for e-commerce.

What automation systems should have? 

As we have experience managing 20,000 campaigns (mostly email), we have found the best ones that bring the best results to our clients. As we mentioned at the beginning, these are the notification channels: email, SMS and webpush notifications.

It’s worth noting that email is still the top performer, generating the most revenue.

 1 Welcome message 

Keeping a customer for a long time is easier than getting a new one. Members and subscribers. If a visitor to your website has given you their contact information, you don’t have to stop there. It means they want to hear from you.

 Contact details can be:  

When someone signs up for your newsletter or accepts an email newsletter, your business is at the top of the list. This is the best time to start communicating with them through a rewarding recruitment process.

There are many opportunities here and goals that you can focus on: gather more information about them (think about the division later), find out a way that may be difficult, or guide them later down the market. . 

What should welcome messages contain:  

email recovery truck 2 

Auto recovery emails, SMS and webpush are very good, at all levels! A customer is close to making a purchase, so this is a great place to retarget with personalized information. 

What you can do with email recovery: 

Explore Abandonment 

This is the peak time for your visitors. People spend time on e-commerce sites with no intention of buying at the time. They may want to take a break from work, see what’s new, or just plan a future purchase when they’re ready. (or they will have money). Always take these things into consideration, letting go can bring you good money without much effort.

 Things to consider when doing the lockout process:

4 follow up order 

If you think it’s over buying and paying, you’re wrong. The referral process can generate more revenue and create a stronger connection with your customers.

 There are many things you can do after buying. First and foremost is the confirmation order and thank you message. After this, you can: 

5 Reinstatement and reinstatement 

I bet you have previous customers who only bought from you once. But then he did not come back. Do you have this metric?

 Also, what about your email subscribers. It’s on your list and you’re glad you collected them. But are they opening or clicking on your emails? You must restore them and make them strong or you will lose them forever.

 So how do you do this? With solutions like ours, you can segment users who opened or clicked on the last email 3 months ago. Ditto for the last purchase date. Make such a part and send them a message that they cannot deny. 

Things that work well with this system:  

What do you think of these auto runs? If you can’t do that, you can try our solution now by registering a new account.

 While there are many other automated processes you can create, these are the most common in our client accounts.

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