If you want to start an online business, Amazon FBA can be a good idea. With Fulfillment by Amazon, you can focus on all your marketing activities and let Amazon do the hard work for you. However, you must pay Amazon’s FBA fee if you choose Fulfillment by Amazon. And these fees can be very high for a new online marketer starting out. So what you might want to consider is Amazon FBA again.

 If you want to know the best fulfillment services, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of eight fulfillment services you can use instead of Amazon Fulfillment Services.


  1. ShipBob

ShipBob is a new fulfillment provider, so you probably haven’t heard of it. In fact, ShipBob was founded in 2014 and currently has more than 500 employees. In total, more than 3,600 businesses use their fulfillment service.

 One advantage of ShipBob is that they offer a variety of products such as: 

What’s also good is that they have a small annual order volume of only 1,800 orders. So, if you are considering starting your own e-commerce business from home, this could be a great option for Amazon fulfillment.


  1. ShipMonk 

ShipMonk is also a newcomer to the industry. And they have fulfillment centers all over the world. You can find them in the United States, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australia.

 ShipMonk is also great if you’re just starting out because there’s no minimum. If you receive between 0 and 500 orders per month, you must pay $2.50 for each first order. The rest will cost you $0.50. If you have more orders, it’s cheaper – that’s good. 

ShipMonk is planning massive expansion over the next few years, so if you’re planning your own business, they might be the right partner for you.


  1. FedEx Fulfillment 

Everyone knows FedEx, it is one of the largest shipping service providers in the world. But FedEx is not just a shipping service provider, it also provides fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses. 

The advantage is that FedEx is a reliable service – in fact, they have 400,000 employees who deliver millions of packages every month.

 But the downside is that FedEx needs at least 1,130,000 orders per year. 

So if you want to switch to FedEx, your e-commerce business needs consistent monthly order volume. 


  1. Online processing service 

The eFulfillment service is especially for those who find Amazon’s fulfillment too expensive. 

This is because the eFulfillment service has no processing fees, minimum volumes or long-term storage fees.

 Founded in 2001, it has only one mission to date: “To enable complete fulfillment for all sellers on the Internet”. 

 So, if you’re looking for a fulfillment service provider at a minimal cost, eFulfillment Services might be your best bet. 


  1. Shipwire

Shipwire is a fulfillment partner for companies worldwide. They have warehouses in the United States, Europe, Asia, China, and Australia.

 They have more than 2,800 customers and ship more than 800 million products annually. Interestingly, of the 800 million products shipped, 200 million were mobile devices.

 The good thing is that you can reduce your shipping costs by choosing between different packaging options, routes and couriers. You can also choose your storage location, calculate your costs or use an insurance policy.


  1. Accomplishment.com 

Fulfillment.com is another popular site for Amazon sellers. They deliver millions of B2C and B2B orders in 150 countries every year. 

They specialize in e-commerce fulfillment and you need a minimum of 21,659 orders per year to use the service.

 The good thing is that they have many links for all e-commerce applications. 

Fulfillment.com is a good choice for small e-commerce businesses with good orders but not many.


  1. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics guarantees 100% accuracy. They say that if an error occurs they will work the running time for free. 

They can also get 98% of the US to kill one day. In total, they have 13 distribution centers in the United States, so they must be very flexible. 

They also claim to have excellent customer support. Rakuten Super Logistics guarantees a maximum response time of 3 hours. 

Rakuten Super Logistics has established partnerships with shipping service providers such as DHL or UPS, so you’re in good company.


  1. A lot of ships 

Ships-a-lot has an impressive inventory accuracy rate of 99.8%. What is also good is that they guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time. If they can’t fulfill their promise, they pay you $20.

With a fee of $35 per month, you will have access to unlimited security and services. Only you

They also have links to all e-commerce solutions such as Shopify, Amazon or Bigcommerce.


Final Thoughts Fulfillment by Amazon is a huge undertaking. However, if it is too expensive for your business or you are looking for an alternative, you can choose one of the fulfillment providers mentioned in this article to help you to start your Amazon business.

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