Klaviyo is a beautiful automation tool, designed for e-commerce. But many customers say that it is too expensive. So what would be a cheaper alternative than Klaviyo?


What is the price of Klaviyo?

Klaviyo recommends its products based on the number of contacts. While this is easy to understand, it’s best to find a solution that charges you based on usage.

 Marketing automation pricing depends on list size 

 Automatic pricing by usage 

 The difference between the price based on list size and usage is that in the first place, it doesn’t matter if you send 0 or 4 emails, you pay the same price. In the second case, it does not matter if you have a list of 1,000 users or 1 million, if you send 10,000 emails, you will pay for those.

 There are pros and cons to both. It is always up to the business owner to decide which solution is best. If you send daily emails to an entire list (for example, a daily business website), pricing based on list size may be cheaper than paying as you go. 

Is it cheaper to use a usage-based marketing automation solution? 

Posting to all lists is not something we recommend. So, when you plan your email marketing and decide that 1 or 2 large batches of emails per week are enough (so around 8 per month), plus all the emails, you will have an idea of ​​how many emails you send. every month.

If you have a list of 20,000 emails and you send 8 whole newsletters per month, you will have 160,000 emails sent from the newsletter. On top of that, let’s say you send another 20,000 emails as business emails (that’s a very high estimate), you’ll have a total of 180,000 emails sent in a month.

Klaviyo will charge you $400 depending on the listing size (at the time of writing, October 2022) 

A usage-based solution like Vibetrace will charge you $350 for a premium solution (which includes more than what Klaviyo offers). and $260 for the standard.

So it might be way cheaper than Klaviyo, if your shipping is as described.

How to Get Cheapest Choices for Klaviyo 

Are you using Klaviyo and decided that usage-based pricing is better for your business? Then you need to look for a cheaper way than Klaviyo Marketing Automation.

A cheap alternative doesn’t mean bad. It should give you the same return on investment (or a higher return on investment). So let’s look for a cheaper alternative to the missing Klaviyo. 

Also consider the following: when your customer list grows (and it will grow, and we want you to have a long list), you will pay even more than you do today. There are ways to remove customers from your list, but do you really want to remove them? 

Finally, for a solution that pays based on the list of customers like Klaviyo, your costs will go up and you won’t get cheap. So let’s see how the next price is  

You can also check out Klaviyo’s pricing table, where we show you how much you’ll pay based on the size of your list.

 Vibetrace is a complete automation tool that offers everything Klaviyo and more: 


If you want to start using a marketing automation solution that charges you based on usage, like Vibetrace, you need to follow these steps: 

What to look for when looking for an alternative, but affordable marketing automation solution: 

Keyboard Discounts and Promotion Codes 

We tried to find coupon codes and discounts to apply to our Klaviyo test account, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any. But if you know of a valid coupon code that can reduce Klaviyo costs, let us know and we’ll share the code in this article. 

Our readers will be happy to receive bonus codes for Klaviyo.

 Most marketing automation solutions that run in the cloud as SaaS (software as a service) do not offer discount codes or coupons. We don’t have them either. 

There are discounts you can get with Vibetrace depending on your use case. For example, businesses that do not use product recommendations receive a significant discount from our standard price. Why? Because we can be cheaper if you only use automation or newspapers, depending on the fact that the platform is used less if your website does not request and our process on each page.

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