With Black Friday / Cyber ​​​​Monday (BFCM) fast approaching, using advanced sales techniques on Amazon will be essential for a strong finish in 2020. Although some of the biggest shopping days most of the year is two more months (Black Friday is November). 27), sellers should start preparing. If not, don’t worry – to help you out, we’ve put together some Amazon Black Friday shopping tips from top Amazon sellers.

FBA regular Stephen Smotherman offers his top two tips for a successful Black Friday. 


  1. Most of the Best “Black Friday” Deals Don’t Happen on Black Friday 

Most people know that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and there are huge savings to be made by shopping on Black Friday. and bringing them back. and Amazon. What some people forget is that stores also have great sales the week before Black Friday and the week after.

 Markets want the money to continue throughout this Q4, but they are desperate to get the market to offer together in a few weeks, not just one day. So, keep an eye out for all the sales leading up to Black Friday, and the week after.


  1. You don’t have to brave the crowds to get the best Black Friday deals 

While shopping at retail stores on Black Friday can give you a fantastic ROI after a few hours, there are also plenty of Black Friday deals to be found online! Generally, when shopping online for sale, I need to purchase a minimum amount to qualify for free shipping.

 The money saved on free shipping is money that can increase my ROI and help me buy more products. But when I shop for Black Friday deals online, the time it takes for my merchandise to be delivered to me for pickup and shipping on Amazon is critical. Sometimes it can be worth paying $5 or $10 for expedited shipping on Black Friday online orders so I can get my merchandise to the FBA warehouse faster. 


Also, always check if online stores are offering fast shipping discounts on Black Friday and take advantage of these discounts when possible.

 Joesph Hansen, CEO of Buy Box Experts, offers his top three tips for Black Friday


  1. Start advertising quickly before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

 Brands should start advertising two to three months before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. This helps increase sales speed, and with more inventory, brands can get more recommended product spots, get higher organic rankings, and establish cheaper CPCs. 


  1. Stock up on supplies 

Avoid any sales. When a brand sells, it loses the Buy Box and reduces the power of the Amazon BSR (Best Seller Ranking). Analyze and compare the sales for the fourth quarter of this year and the last three years to determine how much to offer. 

Note that this busy holiday weekend will be like every year due to the postponement of Prime Day and the COVID-19 pandemic. There will likely be a delay in FBA shipping, so ensure that the product is delivered to the FBA warehouse as soon as possible. 


  1. Take the right approach to promotion 

A brand should know well in advance exactly what it is promoting, so that it can create a well-planned advertising strategy on how to bring it to consumers. Likewise, brands will want to make sure they have enough inventory to accommodate Black Friday through Cyber ​​Monday sales. 

Amazon expert and eBay seller Amanda O’Brien offers three great tips to maximize your Black Friday sales.

 With a windfall expenditure of about $5.8 billion forecast during the week of Black Friday, Amazon sellers can not help but notice that there is a large number of customers!


  1. Be prepared! 

You should have your Amazon merchandise lined up and ready to go by now, so it’s time to market effectively and promote your upcoming Black Friday deals. Build prospects and let your customers know what to expect by blasting your email list with unique and catchy subject lines, using your social media accounts to immerse subscribers with your followers as you tempt them with engaging content. time gives! 


  1. Offers great deals and free shipping. 

During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, every Amazon shopper will tell them one thing: “Everything online is on sale!” So it means you won’t be a popular seller if you offer awesome deals and add shipping! Free shipping is the way to go. This, combined with a valid and irresistible offer that you do not offer at any other time, will make your offer more attractive and ensure that you improve your sales. 


  1. Mix your products.

 If you have several products listed on Amazon that complement each other, now is the time to combine them in a beautiful package to give buyers a special “combo”. By offering a relevant product for a percentage, you have ample opportunity to attract the attention of consumers and something a little different to encourage them to buy. 

Amazon FBA seller Devan Jordan shares his three tips to help you win Black Friday this year.


  1. Don’t set your minimums low. 

During the week of Black Friday there will be many sales and many new sellers often bringing the prices of land to sell. Be strong and hold your price high until D-Day, then if you want to lower your minimum, you will get the maximum profit. 


  1. Do your research. 

The most important advice I can give about seasonal events like Black Friday week is to look back over the year. This advice is in some way related to the first one and if you follow this step, you will know what the market can reach on Friday and although they may not be useful now, they have might be in the week. 


  1. Don’t be afraid. 

You don’t want to be at the end of Black Friday and sell everything on the first day that you don’t have time to buy something and put it on Amazon – that’s how you lose a lot of money. Don’t be afraid to dive into the inventory. Again, do your research and look at sales from previous years and dig into those. So what if you have a few left at the end, they will sell. 

Karon Thackston is an expert writer at Marketing Words. Here are Karon’s top three tips that will help you improve your Amazon BFCM listing and increase sales. 


  1. Enter holiday-related search terms.

Although you don’t want to pick up houses throughout the year in the winter vacation system, you need to add them (from now on) to get search results. 

If you sell kitchen appliances (for example), I would include general phrases like “Black Friday deals”, “Cyber ​​Monday deals”, “Christmas gifts under $____”, ” Hanukkah gifts for {him/her} , “Kitchen gifts” and “gifts for cooks” and to be defined in terms such as “kitchen gifts”, “kitchen gift ideas” and others. higher than other targeted keywords.

Amazon does not recommend the use of words such as “sale” or “sale”. If you want to strictly follow Amazon’s terms of service (TOS), leave these words out and stick to “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday”. 


  1. Add a headline to your ad. 

While it’s easy to throw a few holiday-related keywords and phrases into the Search Terms field, you’ll get more interest if you include them in your ad. Pick the #1 holiday word you want to rank for and add it to your title. Choose 1 or 2 more and add 1 holiday word in each space. Sprinkle a few into your product description, the rest may fit into the Keyword field, as long as you have the space. 

A word of caution: keep it simple and don’t overdo it. From now on, add 1 word to your list and wait. Watch to see what the effect is. If all goes well, move on to the next topic… wait… move on, etc. I don’t recommend revising the entire list focusing on the holiday scene. This can cause problems.

 Remember, when the holiday shopping is over, get rid of Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and any other gift deals you don’t want to keep.


  1. Add vacation related keywords to other backend areas. 

No space in your title, bullet point, or search term field for holiday keywords? Try adding them to the topic, target audience, and/or intended use sections. While these don’t carry the same weight as keywords or search terms, they can give you a lot of leverage to get higher rankings. In the fourth trimester, every advantage counts! 

Andrew Maff is the director of marketing and operations for Seller’s Choice. Here are his tips for Black Friday. 

Differentiating is a difficult but necessary task ahead of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday due to the abundance of promotions. At this time, the prices for social media, Google and Amazon are increasing, so it is important to prepare well in the previous months. Building a strong customer email list is one of the best ways to avoid spending your money on ad spend around Black Friday.

 Driving customers to your Amazon store can eat away at your side, but marketing is marketing and you don’t want to do something unfair on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday because you Marketing on your website that you don’t offer. and Amazon. 

In short, remember that building an email list before Black Friday is critical to success during Black Friday, but you need to optimize all platforms to unlock your full potential.


Final Thoughts 

Want one last Amazon Black Friday tip? The holiday season is a critical time to keep your prices competitive. When a competitor sells, you want to raise prices and increase your profit margin. Need help defining your Amazon pricing strategy? Sign up for a 14-day free trial, then contact our support team to help you set your pricing for the holidays and beyond.

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