More than two years ago, German retailers Maurice Prüßner and Simon Ghebremicael launched a direct-to-consumer (DTC) fashion brand. 

 They use Omnisend to connect with their customers and get new subscribers, helping them not only gain email marketing knowledge but also make great sales, attracting the attention of friends who have online stores. them. 

“Some of our friends, who are now our clients, asked if we could help them with email marketing because it was working so well for us,” says Simon. “After that, we started selling it as a service, which is how our company started.” 

The company is Invisible Brands, a leading digital advertising company with 25 brands in Germany, Australia and the United States. 

They have worked with Omnisend for many years, first with their own fashion brand DTC and then as a company using the Omnisend affiliate program, helping their customers to do business through modern digital marketing methods.

 For every customer who uses Omnisend, No Distance receives a 20% discount on their monthly revenue. 

Who are the invisible types?

Founded in 2020, Invisible Brands wants to help DTC fashion brands get more customers and more sales through email marketing and social media. 

One of their most successful strategies is their TikTok strategy, which is based on the huge discount used by many German fashion brands.

 A limited release strategy involves “dropping” new collections at once and trying to sell those products in a short period of time. Most of the time, failures are limited, where a limited product is deliberately made, or limited in time, where customers have a small window to buy the collection. 

 The main psychology behind short dips is the rush to FOMO, where consumers sometimes only have 10 minutes to buy a particular product. 

This invisible TikTok version directs TikTok users to Omnisend’s landing page (mainly for mobile users) so they can quickly get a short break from the brand: 

Those who signed up for early access are expected to receive the code one hour before the collection ends. They use multiple landing pages targeted at different audiences and achieve a signup rate of around 15% on average. 

Later, we will consider in detail the success of this campaign from one of their clients.

 Works with Omnisend 

For Maurice and Simon, Omnisend is their favorite ESP. “When we started our store on Shopify, Omnisend was the first choice,” said Simon.

 The same goes for their customers. 

“We choose to use Omnisend because the structure of the platform makes it easy for us to create campaigns for our customers.” 

 Most of their customers use Omnisend while only two brands use Klaviyo which is not good for them. “The problem we have with Klaviyo is that it’s complicated,” says Maurice. “To us, Klaviyo is like Android, while Omnisend is like iPhone.” 

 “Managing things with Omnisend is easier than with Klaviyo,” adds Simon. 

 Clients who use Omnisend also see strong customer return rates. Because they send email campaigns regularly for new landings, they see higher open rates and more referrals. 

One of their most recent clients started using Omnisend email marketing just four weeks ago. They have already seen more sales than they expected.

Get started with the Partner Program 

One of the best parts of the Invisible Brands brand experience with the Omnisend Partner Program is the level of customer support. 

Omnisend customer support recently won a Stevie Award for customer service, with a response time of less than three minutes. Our Shopify app has a 4.8 rating, and many reviews praise our customer service. 

“The support is very good, if something goes wrong, we can get help very quickly. “Most of the time, we can answer our questions in about 30 or 40 minutes,” says Simon.

They explain that they also enjoy working with their dedicated account manager. “Zulfi is always quick to respond, and if we have a question he always tries to find an answer.” 

 Besides customer support, they benefit from partner portals to help them understand the performance of their customers. “We also like affiliate libraries because you can see all of your clients’ work,” says Maurice. “It’s easy to switch between accounts and you can get a full picture of the customer’s performance.” 

Customer Success Stories. 

While some Invisible Brands customers sell furniture or other products, the majority are DTC fashion brands. This allows them to use the full TikTok guide for their small discount.

The brand they have been working with since November 2021 is new to email marketing. At first, they used Facebook Ads to get new customers, but they experienced the same setbacks as other brands due to increased advertising costs and reduced targeting and effectiveness. 

Since the brand worked with Invisible Brands and started using Omnisend, they have generated over $500,000 in revenue from email marketing alone. 

The early access model works well – it adds a lot of variety as customers get a unique code that can be used to buy the product an hour before the public. 

This allows them to get more registrations in less time. For example, using the Omnisend landing page and TikTok campaign, they got 10,000 contacts in 7 days by spending only €4,000. 

TikTok Brands’ invisible leadership strategy set this client up for repeated success.

the combination of Omnisend’s email marketing strategy, especially the optimized mobile landing page and automation, and a small reduction of the Invisible Brands and TikTok leadership strategy helped this client to further success.

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