Getting an Amazon Best Seller badge can feel like winning the lottery: you’re trying to pick the right combination, hoping it pays off like a winner. But with the help of RepricerExpress, it won’t be such a dice game. We’ll show you how to use SEO and best-selling practices to help you get ahead of your competition.


What are the best Amazon seller badges? 

You will undoubtedly come across the Amazon Best Seller badge when shopping for products or reviews. This is an orange icon attached to the product in the search results, indicating that the specific item is the best seller of its type. At first, it was only given to sellers in the category, but it changed to include the top 100.

When it comes to specific articles, the effort to earn the Best Seller badge is different. Some categories, such as electronics or pet products, are highly competitive, making it difficult to win one. On the other hand, the category where there is less competition and variety, it is a little easier to search for the best brand. 

Also, some articles may not have the competition to qualify for the top 100 sellers, but the difference is not significant. Although the emphasis may be restricted to niche sectors rather than popular categories such as toys and games, having one of these badges associated with your product is still a mark of excellence. 


How to get the top seller badge 

Unlike other aspects of earning “awards” on Amazon, the path to the Best Seller badge is well-known and unpredictable. Success depends on product and sales level and is constantly changing, so follow these tips to increase your chances of getting a badge. 


Final Thoughts 

If you think that referrals are one of the most effective ways to increase your sales, you are right. By using Repricer, you can ensure your prices are competitive 24/7 so you don’t lose a sale to a competitor with a better price. And it’s really easy. All you have to do is sign up now to start your free trial, and sit back and watch your product list go from strength to strength.


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