There is no traditional definition of the fiscal year, as each business will create their own, so we will keep things in common sense so that you can use the guidelines for the quarter of the year. Whether you already have a plan or are gathering data to start a business for the future, Repricer has a great system you can use for your Amazon advertising strategy when you want to increase your return on investment.


Why have an Amazon advertising plan? 

To be honest, it’s almost impossible to sell well – especially online – if you don’t have any kind of advertising. From brick and mortar stores or service businesses, you can get through word of mouth. But that’s not enough online and retail stores. Consumers won’t go out of their way to find you and your product, so you have to deliver it to them. 


And why have a Q4 plan?

You can tinker with some marketing techniques, such as using A/B testing to find out what works best with email offers. But when it comes to Q4’s specific plans, there’s no time for experimentation. Since this is a specific time, you need to have a plan that will start you off with great success. And here are some things you should look at.


  1. Use data from the previous Q4 

This doesn’t mean it will affect experienced marketers, while beginners can pull product-specific data to get a better idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t. But for old sellers, here are some things you should check out: 

As it hurts, look at those who act weak as strong. This will tell you what you’ll want to avoid next Q4 and what you can use instead.


  1. Get your merchandise in style 

Overpricing is for another project entirely, but generally it’s something you want to avoid. That being said, take a look at what’s not selling well and what’s selling. Are these bulky items taking up more physical space and costing you more in storage costs? Or are they things that you can easily combine with other products to move them in different ways? 

Exit is a worse situation to overcome. This means that you have placed an incorrect order or may not have received your product. Either way, it can have a negative impact on your organic rankings and lead to reduced visibility during prime marketing time. And if your Q4 includes big sales days like Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday, then you’ll want to take a closer look at why you missed out — and how to avoid it in the future. 


  1. Test your advertising strategy for the fourth quarter 

At the beginning, we said that you need to start your campaign in the fourth quarter, because there is no time for mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to try, because the third trimester is the perfect time to do it.

 Use the last 15 minutes to find the best ads, sales, and keywords for you. And if your Q3 includes a big market day, even better! You will have a golden opportunity to come up with an advertising strategy that you can copy for the next quarter.


  1. Use as much content as you can 

You don’t have the luxury of kinesthesia like brick-and-mortar retailers do, so you have to rely on content. And to that end, you have things like videos, updated content pages, and storefront features to help you out. But when using these tools, make sure you have the following: 


Bonus: Lightning Deals

It can be a powerful tool in your toolbox. If you’re good at creating buzz and credibility with your Q4 advertising plan, offer a light deal to move merchandise that will be harder to sell. Just use them sparingly and do not use them, otherwise they can reduce your profit margin.


Final Thoughts 

One topic should inform all your advertising strategy decisions and pay off. Having an effective pricing strategy in place will help you move products at the best rates and help you achieve maximum efficiency. But that only works if you use Repricer! And when you sign up today, you’ll get started with a 15-day free trial so you can, like your Q4 plan, start right away.

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