Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can make your life easier, and Amazon takes many steps in the fulfillment process. But just because you’re giving them most of the work doesn’t mean you’re completely out of work. The next time you’re preparing your products for FBA, consider using one of the best FBA preparation services for Amazon RepricerExpress sellers to make your life easier. 

  1. Systemise Fulfillment

Kev Blackburn and Kylie Thomas founded Systemise Fulfillment Systemise in early 2017 to support Amazon sellers in their FBA business. Since its founding, they have shipped more than 500,000 units for customers around the world. Their core values ​​are fast shipping, unique group pricing, great communication, and growth-related savings.

 In 2020, they moved to a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Scunthorpe and employed a large team of salespeople from start-up to high-end models in a company shipping 10,000 units per month. . Perfect system implementation for arbitrage sellers, wholesalers, or private label sellers.


  1. Shapiro

Shapiro’s words are simple and straight to the point: “We deliver. Problem solved. Amazon can get pretty techy with what they want at some point, so Shapiro has an Amazon link on their page that tells you what you need to know before you get started — even before you get an offer for their service. And if you need help with currency exchange or VAT issues, they can advise you on that too.


  1. McKenzie 

A local, family-owned business, McKenzie Services was started by Jim McKenzie Smith in 2004 and has since grown to include 16 employees and 21,265 square feet of storage space. But with all this growth, they have made things easier for users. All you have to do is create an account, import your items with a unique address label, wait for the UPS/FBA label to be sent to your Seller Central account, and let them handle the rest. 

Prices are reasonable and includes a list of services to help you with anything you can think of.


  1. Electronic processing services 

Another family business, eFulfillment Services was started by John Lindberg in 2001 and has remained in the family ever since. They pride themselves on their flexibility, user-friendliness and unparalleled quality, as well as keeping up with technological advances by supporting an in-house IT team. 

If you want more proof that the business is doing well, organizations like the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating), Inc. 5000 listings (last two in three years), recognized by Multichannel Merchant (3PL Provider). 


  1. FBA Inspection 

 If you google FBA service preparation yourself, some of them may only take care of the outside of the product. But FBA search offers services for both. Their design and management department takes care of the outside of the package, while their complete product inspection continues by opening the package to check the contents and/or inspect the contents inside. 

They are also upfront about what is included in their preparation services, with things like import tax control, 24-hour video surveillance, theft/fire/flood insurance, volume reduction, professional photography and more.


  1. FBA Express 

When speed is one of your top priorities, check out FBA Express for one of the fastest times. Their service is designed to get you just what you need, nothing more or no limits, so you can save time and money. 

You can sign up for a monthly FBA plan at $375/month (with individual fees for various services, such as bubble wrap, package inspection, sticker removal, etc.) or opt for a Pay As You plan Go. and $99/semester (plus individual fees for prep work, extra boxes, and kitting). Or, if you’re an advanced seller, check out their FBA Express plan. 


  1. Minatus

For UK-based retailers, Minatus is an FBA prep service you’ll want to bookmark. They will take care of you every step of the way, starting with inspecting your package when they arrive (to protect you from possible Amazon penalties) to the bag, wrapping, labeling, and putting it as a kit and sending you something that FBA center.

 Their prices are listed directly on their website so you can get a good idea of ​​what budget to expect. But they will also provide you with details based on your complete profile so there are no surprises, and customer support is available by phone and email if you have any further questions.


  1. FBA Ops

China is quickly becoming a global leader in all businesses, and FBA Ops is a shining example of that. They have many services to help you get your products from your home to Amaz

In addition, as a good faith during this pandemic, they are waiving their costs on all COVID-19 products such as surgical masks, medical gowns, PPE, and others.


Final Thoughts 

Although they cost money, using an advanced FBA preparation service can help you save money in the long run by ensuring that your products are sent to Amazon’s fulfillment center in conditions that follow these requirements (instead of facing Amazon’s penalty and starting the process). another one). But do you know what else can help you earn more money?

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