As many advantages as selling on Amazon provide (large pool of buyers, global identity, ease of configuration and use, etc.), there are sellers who are not good there looking to work with your work. RepricerExpress has revealed the following threats your brand may face and how you can protect yourself. 


Threat 1: Hacked ads 

Ad capture occurs when another seller takes away your Buy Box by selling something that looks like your product, only a fake version.

 If this happens to you, you have several options. 


Threat 2: Checklist 

In relation to pirated listings, pirated listings are where customers sell your genuine products (as opposed to fake versions). 

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell just by looking at it, so your best bet is to buy one and inspect it carefully to see if it’s yours. Of course.

 While US law allows sellers to sell your products, Amazon’s Terms of Service specify that there cannot be duplicate listings for a single ASIN, so your options are limited. To combat this threat and protect your media, find out where they are coming from and try to cut them off.


Threat 3: Copyright or Trademark Infringement 

Copyright often applies to creative works, such as your logo, images, product packaging design, and listings. Once you create these works (as long as they are original), the copyright belongs to you.

 On the other hand, a trademark is about the business itself (ie brand names, product names, slogans, etc.). 

If you find that the seller has violated your copyright, follow the same procedures as for pirated notes (stop the letter, file a complaint with Amazon through the Amazon Brand Registry or Report Infringement).

 You will follow the same process as for trademark infringement, but when sending a cease and desist letter or completing an infringement form, collect as much data as possible. Your success depends on your ability to prove that you are the original owner/developer.


Threat 4: Patent Infringement 

Although the above threats are related to infringements against creative and proprietary information, patents apply to new inventions or inventions and there are two main types.

You’ll want to treat patent infringement the same way you would copyright and trademark infringement (stop the desist letter, file a complaint with Amazon). The only difference is the extra charge for utility patents where you have to use Amazon’s neutral patent tracking service. 


Threat 5: Claims of Intellectual Property Infringement 

Intellectual property, or intellectual property, protects intangibles. It’s also a bit of an umbrella term that includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and others, such as trade secrets or automated processes.

 If you have encountered a seller who has made false claims against you, here are the steps to follow. 


Track 6: Fake reviews 

Although Amazon has become better at filtering sellers that fill other listings with fake or five star reviews, but it is still a problem that bothers us. A clear way to tell fake reviews apart is if they don’t have a badge displayed; Another is to check the most common language in the list for spam status.

Before you do anything, take a screenshot of any notification you think is suspicious. Time is important, and doing the first thing before you get evidence can damage your case, so find out

For fake reviews, contact Seller Support and provide them with login details and screenshots.


The best way to protect your brand 

If the best defense is a strong offense, here are the best tips you can follow to protect your brand before you get a threat. 


Final Thoughts 

This position requires you to be good at processes, but don’t forget about other aspects of your business, such as competitive pricing to attract customers and increase sales. Fortunately, RepricerExpress runs behind the scenes once you place your pricing order, taking all the time you need to protect your brand and stop threats from unscrupulous sellers. Best of all, you’ll get a free 15-day trial when you sign up now, giving you time and money to make your life easier.

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