As an online seller, you will use a variety of Amazon selling tools and software to help you gain an edge over your competition. Two of the most popular sellers looking to start their Amazon business are Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

 But how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s check out our Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout comparison guide to help you decide.


Helium 10: What you need to know 

If you are looking for all the tools that help you with SEO, product management, product and keyword research, compensation and more, Helium 10 is here. for you. They have 21 devices available (arranged into five categories), and the options vary depending on the plan you sign up for. Prices start at $0 for a free sample plan and go up to $397/month, but you can save money by choosing the annual option. 

With the free plan, you will get almost all Helium 10 tools, but with less usage (eg 2 usages of Reverse ASIN Lookup per day, 6 usages of Keyword Index Checker, etc.). If you’re not sure which pattern is right for you, look at the number of items in your inventory and see which pattern fits that number the most. 

To get started, you need to create an account and choose a plan. From there, you can organize your options to help start things up. 

For example, if you are starting out as an Amazon seller, you will need to create a list of items to sell. Use Helium 10 to track keywords directly to see the best performers, then use it with any or all of their 4 product reviews to list useful items. 

Once you’ve gained traction as an Amazon seller, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll face returns, which Helium 10 can help you with. Their refund tool creates a report that you can send to Amazon for a refund (if applicable), saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. 

In fact, an important part of selling on Amazon is building and updating the product list on a regular basis. You can choose from a template and fill in the information yourself, or create your own list and run it through the Index Checker tool to see: 

If you’re ready to start using Helium 10, you can install it as a Chrome extension or download the app for Android or iOS. With the app, all devices will be fast so you can focus on your Amazon listings wherever you are.


 Jungle Scout: What You Need to Know 

Another popular tool used by Amazon sellers is Jungle Scout, which is a well-known name that is very powerful in its tool offerings. As of Helium 10, you can use it as a Chrome extension or web app. Currently, there is no downloadable app for Android or iOS; you can use it on your phone, but it has so much information that it’s better to use it on a computer to show everything you want. 

Unlike Helium 10, there is no free plan available, but you can try Jungle Scout for 14 days with cashback support. If you prefer, you can sign up for a monthly or yearly plan (subscribing annually can save you up to 30%). 

Another difference is that there are no different features in Jungle Scout. Instead, you can sign up for add-on only ($39/month or $19/month on an annual plan), web app only ($49/month or $39/month on an annual plan), or it’s two bundled ($69/month). or $49/month on an annual plan). This makes it a cheaper option than Helium 10.

 Although it seems that the list of tools in the Jungle Scout (11) is less than in the Helium 10’s 21, it is only because of the way they have organized the plan. If you look below the surface, you will find a complete company that can help you improve as an Amazon seller in any area.

 And if Jungle Scout is to be known for one thing, it’s that they lead the class as Amazon’s best search tools. They have a growing database of over 70 million items sold on Amazon, with the ability to filter by category, target market, value calculator, product manager, sales level, revenue and others. You can save an unlimited number of filters for easy reference of the restricted list of products you have created, and export your data in .CSV files.

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