Everyone knows that the holidays are full of opportunities for online sellers, especially Amazon sellers: Christmas, Black Friday, Prime Day, and Halloween! Halloween is the best time to increase your income if you know how to use the right method and increase seasonal sales. If you want to increase your Halloween sales on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place! 

 In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for Halloween on Amazon and the strategies we can use during this popular holiday to increase our sales. 


Introducing Halloween by Amazon 

Halloween has become a favorite holiday – candies, pumpkin pies, pumpkin flavored lattes, costumes and more! At first, its celebration was limited to the United States, the United Kingdom and some European countries, but it has become popular all over the world in recent years. And it’s not just a children’s holiday; many adults do it too! 

But how will this help Amazon sellers? Every festival brings new opportunities to sell products that might not be so popular on a normal day. Halloween has its own popular products, candies are the most important. Check the stats below to see how Halloween can be important to you as the Amazon seller: 

These numbers are from a few years ago and Halloween is becoming more popular, which means that people may be spending more money on Halloween merchandise in the future. Also, e-commerce is at its peak and many people are ready to avoid social interaction and celebrate again by hosting parties and gathering with friends. 

But these people need costumes, accessories and candy to celebrate Halloween with their friends and family, that’s where you come in! 


Preparing for Halloween on Amazon 

So you decided that Halloween is the perfect time to focus on increasing sales and revenue. But how do you increase Halloween sales on Amazon? 

Choosing the right product is just the first step to staying competitive this holiday season. Here’s what to do to prepare for Halloween on Amazon: 


1) Start preparing in August 

While buyers can enjoy the luxury of buying late, sellers don’t have the same advantage. You will do a lot of work: writing attractive articles, taking pictures, managing merchandise, and organizing promotions. You should start doing all this in August to be ready in time for Halloween. 

In addition, many consumers start stocking up on candy at the end of July. If you are ready then you can catch the first Halloween bird trail! 


2) Research and find the right product 

As an Amazon seller, choosing the right product is the most important step to getting a profitable business. You need to find a product that is highly desirable and high quality. This is how: 

Don’t forget to stock up on your products to avoid stockouts. 


3) Choose the right niche 

The next step to preparing for Halloween and increasing Amazon Halloween sales is to choose the right niche. In doing so, consider price and value, market size, and competitiveness. 


The best tips for Halloween sales 

So you know you need to start preparing quickly, manage your inventory so you don’t go out of business, and choose the right niche for your product. But what are the best strategies for increasing Halloween sales on Amazon? 

 You can create the best plan for Amazon Halloween sales by following the tips below: 


1) Update and promote your product listing 

Product listings are like the windows of your store: you need to create them in an attractive way to attract more customers. This is how: 

 Write a nice description and add a description of your product. 

Upload 5-8 clear and useful images that clearly show the product. 


2) Improve your SEO strategy 

The best SEO strategy helps Amazon bring your product listings to more customers. Keywords are the most important part of any SEO strategy, so you need to choose them carefully. Other components of a successful SEO strategy are: 

3) Run social media to drive traffic 

Try to maximize your advertising budget and create an effective referral system for Amazon PPC advertising. Use long, long-tail keywords (with three or more words) like “Men’s Fashion” to get your ad in front of your target audience. Don’t forget to include negative keywords (like “Halloween costumes” because they are perfect) to block your audience for people looking for your products. 


What are the best Halloween markets? 

Amazon PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and social media are some of the best ways to advertise your Halloween products. 

Affiliate marketing combined with influencer marketing is a great duo because if those customers who like influencers use your products, they are more likely to buy them. 

However, Amazon PPC and product promotion advertising – if done correctly – is considered the best form of marketing to increase Halloween sales on Amazon. These ads are affordable and a great way to get your ad to the top of Amazon’s search results page. 


What’s the best Halloween buy on Amazon?

Halloween merchandise like fancy dress, props and decorations are key to getting into the holiday spirit. By selling what consumers want, you can increase your income and profits. 

 According to statistics, the most common items bought on Halloween are decorations and costumes. Here is a list of popular Halloween products you can offer to your customers: 

 Fashion: By donating, you can help people dress up like their favorite characters! 

Candy: Trick or treating is one of the most popular Halloween activities, and many people stock up on candy before the holiday. 

Decorations: You can offer popular decorations such as pumpkins, plastic bones, ghosts and cobwebs on Amazon to help customers set the scene. 

Halloween Lights: Since Halloween is celebrated at night, products like pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns and LED lights as different characters are popular during this holiday. 


How much does Halloween make on Amazon? 

SellerApp released the latest Halloween revenue data on Amazon in 2020, and here’s what it says: 

Looking at the top 50 ads, we can estimate that the average revenue can reach $41,000 in October. The physician’s only insurance earned $1,295 to $1,367 in revenue that year, bringing his monthly income to $7,500. 

All of the top 50 fashion brands generated monthly earnings of $12,84,621 to $21,41,046. 

The Top 50 Halloween Candy List generates an average monthly revenue of $96,000 and the Top 50 Halloween Candy List generates an average monthly revenue of $33,000, an average of 60 orders per day! 


 Final Thoughts 

This holiday is one of the most popular shopping periods for shoppers: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Halloween included! For sellers, this means a great opportunity to sell more products and increase their income, but it is not easy to do. 

To increase the Halloween sales on Amazon, you need to start preparing in August, stocking up on products, and creating an effective marketing strategy to promote your products. By following the tips given in this article, you can come up with a winning strategy and increase your income on Halloween!

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