Propeller Coffee Co, a Toronto-based coffee roaster, has found success in customizing the online shopping experience for its coffee drinkers.

 Aaron Zack, former VP of Sales, Marketing and Strategic Projects at Propeller Coffee, shared some strategies that helped the company target different customer segments and achieve impressive results. 


Separating wholesale and direct-to-consumer storefronts

Originally, Propeller Coffee Co. has many ways to make money, but by far its biggest business is wholesale. When the pandemic hit, the income from all the markets stopped while the sales of the retailers went up. The team started processing 2,000 orders per week for individual customers. 

“Let me tell you, it’s a very big difference from the performance in the situation of looting 200 large bulk orders or 2,000 very small e-commerce orders,” Eron says. 

Not only at Propeller Coffee Co. should be understood quickly, but they also found that the online store is special for shopping and selling directly is not enough. They decided to split them into two different types of stores to better serve different types of buyers and the company’s online advertising strategy. 


Simplify the user journey 

Design can seem like a lot of different options for buyers, but it’s important to keep it simple. Propeller Coffee Co. has started selling coffee supplies online. Think coffee makers, drippers, filters, filters and kettles at home.

 “We limit ourselves to a few products per category to keep it simple,” Aaron said. “But to allow for a perfect mix, no matter what kind of arrangement you have or what kind of arrangement you have at home, you’re going to get a great deal.” 

 Aaron and his team also used the Hot Jar app on Shopify to understand the customer journey. This helped the company decide to reduce the nine browser systems to just three, which helped improve its real-time rate of abandoned shopping carts and the time it takes for customers to make a purchase. The improved user experience has also made a big difference in enticing customers to purchase customizable subscriptions.


 Introducing customized subscriptions

When it comes to coffee, subscription is the way to go for Propeller Coffee Co. to ensure that its customers will have coffee whenever they want it. Aaron and his team used the recharge subscription app on Shopify for subscription solutions. 

“We can create a really customizable and easy to use interface that allows people to create subscriptions tailored to what they are looking for in terms of frequency and order of the product line they have there, ” Aaron explained. 


Customer segmentation for email marketing 

Email Marketing by Propeller Coffee Co. Also improve personalization by using customer segments to provide different product mix, purchase rates, and shipping rates to customers in different regions. 

“After several months, we saw a 175% increase in email marketing conversions,” says Aaron. . It also means that customers get an accurate estimate of shipping times and prices.

 “Everybody wants what they ordered right away. And if your shirt arrives on time, that’s fine,” said Aaron. “If your coffee doesn’t come on time, that’s a big deal for you.” 

 Listen to an interview with Aaron Shopify Masters to find out why customization at scale is Propeller Coffee Co.’s goal.

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