When it comes to finding a signature scent, Michelle Feeney is content with brands that sell fragrances purely with passion. 

 In 2017, he released his own vegan, cruelty-free version of Floral Street. 

“We don’t use sexist words throughout the brand,” says Michelle. 

Michelle is responsible for creating brands such as Creme De La Mer, MAC and St. Tropez to create a favorite scene.

Realizing a huge gap in the industry, Michelle set out to create contemporary and sustainable fragrances, paying careful attention to every step. of extraction, mixing and packaging processes.

Floral Street provides clear and concise descriptions of all of their products, their manufacturing partners, and even provides step-by-step instructions for storing or handling their fragrance containers. them.

“No one teaches consumers about perfume and what it smells like; [it’s] really old, five years ago, [since] it nobody tells stories about those things,” says Michelle. “I have a lot of ideas from the food and wine industry that are interesting.”

He was prompted to appear even more clearly and further.

 Michelle and her team provide their business partners and their employees with the necessary tools to educate potential customers about their brand and their overall fragrance. 

In their Covent Garden flagship store, and now online, they host Scent School, a fun and engaging way for people to learn more about scent. 

“So you can pay for the Scent School in the box, you go in and do the Scentschool with the scent card, and we’ll walk you through the ingredients, where they come from, and break down That smell really,” says Michelle.

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