Selling on Amazon is great for people who want to make money from home. Amazon allows thousands of people to sell products and earn money. But you cannot sell “anything” on this platform. Amazon has many rules and regulations for its sellers across product categories. Some of these scripts are restricted and you cannot easily grab them as a beginner. Ultimately, these restrictions benefit both the consumer and the seller. Customers will not receive fake or damaged products (such as in the beauty section), sellers will not be sued and suspended. This article will talk about prohibited products, especially in the health and beauty sector. Also, we will explain how to unlock them and get Ungated in the Health and Beauty section. 


What does Ungating mean at Amazon?

To explain Getting Ungated in Beauty and Healthcare on Amazon, we need to first tell you what exactly “gated” and “ungate” mean in this context. As a new seller on Amazon, you do not need permission or permission to sell your products in a “free” format. Unlike this, some articles require approval from Amazon. 

These are “closed” sections. Some examples of closed categories are Fine Art, Beauty, Jewelry, Health and Skin Care, and… Why? Because these products are directly related to the interests of consumers. This is a sensitive issue, and Amazon knows it, so it cares about who sells them and how they are sold. 

The good news is that you can “cancel” these articles and start selling them. For example, Getting Ungated and Self-Service means you can submit a book, follow a certain process, and have Amazon approve it for you. After that, you can sell brands and personal care products. All Amazon FBA and Dropship sellers can try to delete the desired model. 


Can I sell health and beauty products on Amazon? 

Cosmetics and beauty products are available in closed form on Amazon. If you think about it, it’s nothing but common sense. Beauty, health and physical products have a great impact where we use them on our body. Amazon cares a lot about customer satisfaction. No seller wants to deal with a potential lawsuit or a customer who has a problem with a good product. Until your health and beauty products are protected, you cannot start selling them on Amazon. Here are some examples of beauty, health and skin care products: 

Remember that personal care and beauty products may not be very limited, but their departments are. For example, you can sell hair brushes as a beginner, but to sell serum and hair oil, you have to be independent. 


How to get support for Amazon Beauty & Health?

Amazon restricts the selling rights of its sellers to prevent false sales and bad experiences. To get a discount on Personal Care or Beauty, you must show Amazon that your product provides a pleasant and comfortable experience. It takes work and time. Let us explain how.

 First, you should know that this is a long and delicate process. So get as much help as possible. There are two ways to request support: 

To do the process yourself, you need to: 

After that, the process begins. Amazon will need some documents, which you will need to provide and submit. These documents are not always easy to obtain, such as a GMP Good Manufacturing Practice certificate, a manufacturer’s invoice for the last 180 days or a COA inspection certificate. 

Remember that these are not the only books that Amazon will ask you. Some special items may require FDA approval (because they affect people’s physical health) and special regulations. And it takes a long time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you leave this work in the hands of professionals and reliable people with a lot of experience. Using the Amazon Ungating Service instead of doing the process yourself will be much easier, less stressful, and less time consuming for you and your business. 

At OABeans, we have created a team of experienced Amazon sellers who can provide you with the free services you need. After helping you choose the best package for your unique needs, we’ll gain insight and begin the process of getting Ungated and Health for you. For Amazon support in any category, brand or ASIN, rely on OABeans!


How long does it take to get back on Amazon?

There is no deadline for this. To get Amazon support for beauty and health care products, your first step should be to submit complete documentation (such as an invoice) to prove your first sale. Amazon will get back to you within a few days or weeks. Although some sellers report that they have not received a response for a long time, many questions are answered. If your application takes too long or is rejected, your documents may be incomplete. This is another reason why you should let a professional do the work for you.


Final Thoughts 

Amazon is a huge platform with millions of products and thousands of sellers. This website cares a lot about what it sells and the experience it provides to people. So if your request is taking a little longer than usual, don’t worry. Focus on providing invoices, complete contact information, and other documents required by Amazon. At OABeans, we offer services like domain removal and brand removal, so you can sell more products and earn more money. This will be done within 7 to 14 days, without any delays and obstacles.

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