Old books, grandmother’s jewelry, dusty china: things we no longer need often accumulate in attics and basements. But they are too good to throw away. Many people sell antique jewelry, vases, and furniture from their personal homes on Amazon. It is not unusual for hidden objects to turn into real gold coins. But how do we know which things are salable? How do we sell antiques on Amazon in the first place? Follow this story to find out! 


The best way to sell your antiques and vintages 

The websites and stores listed below will help you sell your antiques quickly and make money. You can sell online or locally through these options, whichever option is right for you. 


Etsy allows people to sell handmade, vintage, unique, or antique items. If you’re selling antiques, you’ll fall into the “vintage” category.

 Many types of items qualify as vintage on Etsy, including: 

  1. Amazon 

Another great option is to sell your unread items on Amazon. It’s not as easy as selling used items you see at home on other marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. However, you can sell different products and brands on Amazon. Amazon is not a flea market, so you cannot sell used or used items. Amazon has put these restrictions in place to ensure that the products sold on its website – whether new or used – are good, authentic and meet customer expectations.

 In addition, some of these categories – such as collections and collections – are closed, which means that you must have an “unlocked” process to sell these products. 

  1. eBay 

eBay is an old place for selling antiques and other things. One of the benefits of selling your antiques on eBay is accessibility.

According to the eBay website, there are more than 177 million buyers, which means that the antique you want to sell has a lot of exposure. 

  1. Flea market 

Another option for selling your old items may be to offer them at a flea market. There are different ways to make money at the flea market.

 You can get into the business of traveling from city to city. Selling your antiques at a flea market is best if you have a lot of antiques to sell. Many flea markets charge a fee for the booth or table you use to display your merchandise.

  1. Pawn Shops

Local pawn shops are another place where you can sell your antiques. Search online for nearby pawnshops and bring your items to the store to ask what they can offer you for those items.

 Make it clear that you do not want the item returned and that it is theirs to sell if you agree to the sale price. 


What types of antiques are worth money?

We know that selling antiques on Amazon is a great way to make money, but can you sell anything you find in your attic or basement? What type of antique is more valuable? Here are some of the most valuable antiques and antiques you can sell on Amazon: 

Can you sell antiques, collectibles and vintage items on Amazon? 

As we said, it is possible to sell a collection on Amazon, but you need to know the acceptable types and the rules that Amazon has put in this regard. Here’s a list of all the Amazon groups that allow custom items: 

If your item fits into one of the above categories, you can start selling vintage items on Amazon. Make sure your product qualifies as specified by Amazon: 

Amazon, eBay or ESTY; What is the best way to sell antiques?

In addition to selling collectibles on Amazon, you can also sell your vintage items on other popular marketplaces such as eBay or ETSY. In this section, we will introduce each market to see which one best suits your needs.

eBay is an online auction site where users can bid on items, and the highest bid wins the item at the end of the auction. eBay is good if you want one item of your life from a specific date, as it allows you to set a time for the auction, but you have to be patient and wait for the right buyer. So if you have thousands of items that you want to sell as quickly as possible, eBay is not the best choice. Also keep in mind that eBay has a high referral fee, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

On the other hand, Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world, with a huge audience. To sell antiques on Amazon, you must first understand your audience. eBay is a better option if you have something unique or hard to find, while Amazon is more suited to sellers who need a lot of traffic and volume. So, if you have a popular item or a large number of the same product, Amazon is your market. 

Finally, you have the option of selling vintage products on ETSY. Compared to Amazon and eBay, ETSY is more suitable for artisans or those who mainly sell handmade or DIY items. Unique items sell well on ETSY and eBay, but you should be prepared to deal with personalized customer service if you choose ETSY. 

Final Thoughts 

And that’s how you sell vintage items on Amazon. Before you sell your antiques, know the market and consider using one of the auctions featured in this article to get the most out of it. If you don’t have any antiques at home, you can check out pawnshops or your local thrift store to get your stock. We recommend starting with books because they are cheap and easy to find.

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