Online shopping has become a huge leap in the face of the entire human race; Unlike the days when you had to look for the desired products in markets and busy streets, shopping is now made easy through online platforms. You can shop online! 

One of the significant advantages of online marketing is that you can follow what is happening with the product, both as a customer and as a seller. As an Amazon seller, you can benefit greatly from tracking services like this one. This service allows you to review your work and reduce dissatisfaction.

This article will discuss Amazon FBA Swiship, an option that helps you send your package step by step. Swiship is easy to use and gives you peace of mind when it comes to packages. If you’re an Amazon seller with limited sales or unsure how to handle shipping issues, be sure to read to the end. 


 What is Amazon FBA Swiship?

Bundles are not a new concept in online platforms. Some websites send messages and keep you informed at every stage of your package’s journey. Some send an email, and some give you a card. FBA Swiship has been around for decades, but it runs on the same old barcode system that you see in grocery stores. But what exactly is this job?

Every Amazon FBA business will track the package shipped to them. Amazon Swiship is an optional service that many delivery companies have. With Swiship, each package will have a unique number (and code) that will allow it to be tracked during the delivery process. The advantage of this service is that it benefits both the customer and the seller: it allows them to participate in the journey of the package.

By using Amazon FBA Swiship, you avoid any misunderstandings or problems between you and the buyer. Due to its cheap start, you will also avoid possible financial losses (sometimes packages get lost on the way). Also, if the package is not delivered due to the fault of the delivery company, the company immediately informs you that your insurance will cover the loss. This cover must be purchased, of course, for future packages, but it will be useful.


How do I track my FBA orders on Amazon? 

After you start the service, you will be given a tracking number directly by email. This number will usually include a link. This link takes you to the service delivery page, which tells you the status. The code will be checked at each level and its location will be shown. As a seller or buyer, the first thing you get may be a notification telling you: “Do not provide a tracking number on the package”. After that, you need to follow these steps to track your package:  

  1. Open the tracker (the website you were sent to) and enter the ID.
  2. After a few seconds, the message will be displayed in front of you. You can see where your package is and estimate how long it will take to reach its destination.

Some tools allow you to share this information on social networks.

How do you get the code in the first place? As a seller, you must provide your customer’s email address when creating a fulfillment process (the information, including name, email and address, will not be used for anything else). Once the order is placed, the code will be available in the shipping section of the details page.

 Is Swiship Owned by Amazon?

In 2020, Amazon UK introduced Swiship for multi-channel fulfillment tracking. Covid-19 has caused a crack in internet laws around the world. People are shopping online like crazy. Therefore, the need for robust monitoring tools is evident. Swish is a trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc. In 2020, Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) sellers and their customers can track their packages instantly and receive updates on their shipped packages. Swiship was developed to provide tracking services for all MCF orders, regardless of carrier. 

As an Amazon seller or more generally a retail buyer, peace of mind is a valuable asset for your business. Having an Amazon Swiship code gives you that peace of mind. Whether you’re a small store selling plants you grow in your garage or a large wholesaler with thousands of customers, Amazon FBA Swiship tracking is a viable option for your company’s well-being. .


Final Thoughts 

To become a better seller on Amazon (and, of course, make more money), you need to do your best to perfect every aspect of your customer journey. You probably won’t get the legendary shopping experience, but shoppers recognize a busy customer very quickly. Swiship is one of the services that will help you as a seller in many ways and ensure the safety of your package during the journey. Everyone will win.

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