Most Amazon sellers know very well that you can’t sell “just anything” there. When you start your store on this platform, there is one type that you can sell without limits and earn money.

But because Amazon is sensitive to the customer experience and cares about the health of the user in the shopping trip, some brands are “closed” or restricted. Apple products are among the categories you need approval to sell.

The good news is that selling Apple is impossible. Why was Apple banned in the first place? What does it take to get approval to start selling Apple products on Amazon? In this article, we will try to answer these questions.


Can it sell Apple products on Amazon? 

The short answer is no. Although in the past few years, there have been times when the sale of Apple products on Amazon has been completely banned, you can support and sell them now. 

Amazon is always trying to provide a better shopping experience for consumers. One of the ways the platform achieves this is by increasing the selection of popular products. That’s why in 2016, Amazon sent an email to Apple sellers with a special message: From now on; they need to be prepared to sell. Later, under an agreement with Amazon, Apple and Beats products were resold. This time the support process is simple.

 To sell Apple brands on Amazon, you must go through a process. It may be interesting to note that Amazon often accepts many third-party sellers. Not all of these sellers are honest and reliable, especially for apps and mobile users (like Apple). Many have tried to pass off the fakes as genuine Apple products. No one wants to pay for the first pair of headphones and receive a used or fake pair of headphones. This is the main reason to prevent the sale of Apple products on Amazon.


Why is Amazon blocking Apple products from sellers? 

Let’s look at a little history. Apple products are a large part of the Internet application business. They are very popular. With brands that are popular and popular, the risk of a bad shopping experience increases. 

As we said, many Apple sellers have tried to sell fakes at least once. In 2016, almost 90% of Apple devices sold on Amazon were not 100% authentic. This becomes a heartbreaking problem when you consider paying extra for iPod chargers and headphones, which often cost more than other brands.

In 2018, Apple entered into an agreement with Amazon, making the platform an “Apple Authorized Reseller” again. This time, Amazon will receive devices and applications directly from the Apple company (which means Apple is good at selling them) and sell them on the platform.

It’s great for Apple fans because it’s no different than buying from Apple. Retailers selling Apple products must be accepted by January 4, 2018. Otherwise, their product listing will be removed.

 If selling Apple products on Amazon is important to you as a seller, there are a few things you should know: 

How do I get permission to sell Apple products on Amazon? 

According to the new agreement between Amazon and Apple, the sale of Apple products on Amazon can be done by authorized sellers on this platform. Here are the steps to avoid getting banned from Apple and Amazon products: 

  1. The first step is to contact Apple’s legal department and fill out a request form. You can find the form here: https://www.apple.com/legal/contact/rights-permissions.html 
  2. After completing the form, you must submit and track it by calling the Cupertino main number (408) 996-1010 and requesting that it be forwarded to Apple Legal.
  3. After submitting the application, Apple may ask you for additional information. The company will also provide you with a way to send this message.
  4. Now you have to wait. Apple may or may not respond. If you get Apple support, it will come with instructions for the next step. 
  5. Send confirmation to Amazon and start listing Apple products. 


How to sell Apple products on Amazon?

Apples are a popular and expensive product to sell. As an Amazon seller, you have three ways to sell:

1) Online or Retail Approval: As mentioned earlier, you will need to get approval to sell Apple as a Retailer. This involves contacting Apple’s legal department and waiting for a response. This process takes time and many people get tired of waiting and forget about it.

 2) Wholesale: Apple Wholesale can be similar to Arbitrage, but there is a difference. In Retail Arbitrage, you buy items from a physical store or online and resell them for a higher price. But unlike that, sellers buy in bulk “off-brand” and list products for sale on Amazon listings that brand is available. Wholesale Apple products assure the customer that the product is authentic and directly from the company.

 3) Private label: Selling private label (instead of manufacturer’s items) is easy to get. But the sale rules still apply. You are not a direct marketer; You rebrand and package products. You get the product from the supplier (Apple company). FBA may be your best option for private label sales on Amazon. 


Final Thoughts 

Becoming an Apple Arbitrage seller online on Amazon can be a long and frustrating process. But if you insist on selling Apple products on Amazon, it’s worth a try. 

Amazon (and Apple) want to make sure that the final product delivered to the customer is not counterfeit, so both have standards regarding who lists the product. In fact, the more expensive products you sell, the more money you make. But with a product like Apple, there may be other factors to consider.

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