You can find any product you can think of on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you can go to the platform and list any product you want as a seller. A large e-commerce store has done everything it can to satisfy its customers and protect them from fake or harmful products.

As part of this plan, Amazon has banned some of its brands to prevent bad actors from doing fraud on the platform and potentially harming its customers. For example, LEGO is a restricted product – or closed on Amazon, those who want to sell LEGO on this platform must have Amazon’s approval. Keep reading this article to find out how you can be free with LEGO! 


What does ungating mean? 

To know what ungation means, you must first learn more about the rules and restrictions on Amazon. As a new seller, you are not allowed to sell anything you want on Amazon because you do not “prove” yourself. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the article that allows you to sell.

 There are two types of articles on Amazon: open and restricted (closed). You don’t need any license to sell open products, but selling closed products is a bit complicated. If you choose to sell gated products like Legos on Amazon, you must first be independent. So sticking with LEGO means getting Amazon’s approval and raising the bar to sell the product. It seems simple, but many marketers avoid this process because they think it is too complicated. Fewer sellers are worried about being locked out, which means less competition for you, so it’s a perfect opportunity to grow your business and make more profit. 

Are toys banned from Amazon?

Although the category of toys and games is not technically limited, many branded toys fall into the sub-category “Toys”. You might be wondering why something as simple as a toy is banned from Amazon, but there is a good reason. The main reason Amazon restricts toys is to ensure product availability and timely delivery and to protect its reputation by ensuring that only legitimate and authorized sellers can sell these items. . Therefore, retailers must be allowed to sell LEGO and other toys. 

Blocks and toys become more aggressive in the fourth quarter of the year. Currently, Amazon is placing restrictions on the types of toys and games, regardless of the type of toy or the seller’s experience. This is one of the only categories that are closed during the holidays in November and December. Note that these restrictions only apply to sellers who use FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and who do not meet the holiday sales criteria in the toy category. These guidelines are generally intended to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods.

Is it worth selling LEGO on Amazon?

 It’s a well-known fact that buying and selling LEGO (or selling your own Lego sets) is a great money-making idea. The LEGO Company has abandoned direct manufacturing operations, which has led to an increase in demand for retirement planning. Depending on the popularity of the set, the value of its price can increase significantly. So the main reason why you shouldn’t stick with LEGO is that it’s very useful. 

Plus, we all know that toys — including Legos — are one of the most sought-after merchandise, especially during the fourth quarter of the year and during events like Amazon Prime Day. During these times, you can expect to see a lot of traffic and sales compared to other times of the year. So if you’re gearing up for Amazon Q4, consider turning to popular toy brands like LEGO. 


How do I get permission to sell LEGO on Amazon?

There are two ways to remove holes from LEGO. You can do it yourself or seek help from an Amazon fulfillment service company.

 If you decide to do it yourself, you need to follow a few steps: 

On the other hand, if you decide that it is too complicated, you can use Amazon’s cancellation service. The Ungating Department of OABeans of the US can help you get 100% unlicensed in any ASIN, category, or brand like Lego. 

Instead of doing it yourself, you need to choose your cancellation package, provide some account information, and rest easy knowing that OABeans will handle your account cancellation with ease.


How long does it take to get rid of LEGO? 

Depending on the time of year you submit your unlock request, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to unlock. If you submit your request during the fourth quarter, it will take longer because this is Amazon’s working time. 

It may also depend on the age of your account and the number of sellers you have. The bigger your account and the better your rating, the faster you will be opened on LEGO. 


Final Thoughts 

Selling LEGO is a great opportunity to increase your profits and grow your business on Amazon. However, Amazon has implemented strict rules and regulations for the sale of these products to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Be sure to follow these rules and instructions to avoid suspension or termination of your Amazon seller account.

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