No matter where you live or what products you sell on Amazon, one day you may wake up to an annoying email from this platform telling you that your permission to sell has been revoked. Terminating (or deactivating) an Amazon account can happen to any seller out there, but the important thing is to do it and start selling again. 

Remember that Amazon is a huge marketplace with over 150,000 sellers. This means that thousands of products are sold every day and the platform needs to make sure that each of these products is safe for customers and that nothing illegal is happening. So, when something suspicious is detected or the response is often negative (and for many other reasons), Amazon will suspend your account.

What is the difference between a suspended Amazon account and a suspended Amazon account? Have you stopped? Why stop even the account? What should a seller do when suspended? In this article, we try to answer these questions. 

Amazon Seller Account Termination 

Before talking about disabled vs suspended Amazon account, first we need to know what suspension is exactly. When you sell on Amazon, your account can be suspended for many reasons, most of which are harmless. Most of the time, the account will not be suspended for the first small mistake (that’s why you have to read the whole process). 

In order to make customers as happy as possible, Amazon can be very good when it comes to accounts and sales standards. So, when one of your products is questionable or causes health problems, negative feedback starts to develop, your numbers drop significantly, or If you don’t meet Amazon’s standards, you may be suspended and no longer sell. The good news is that you can call Amazon and get your account back. So if you’ve received the infamous “Amazon Account Has Been Suspended” email, don’t panic just yet. There is a way to solve this problem.

 Why are sellers’ accounts suspended? 

As we mentioned before, there are many reasons why your seller account may be suspended. Here are some of the main causes of this problem: 

How can you avoid suspending your seller account? 

First, you should pay close attention to what you read about usage. Most of the time, we read and accept them without knowing what we are getting into. Each region may have different rules and conditions. If you violate any of these rules, suspension awaits you. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid interruptions:

How do I restore a suspended customer account? 

Suspended accounts, on their own, can be overwhelming, but reading the word and coming up with a solid plan helps a lot. If you get the dreaded account suspension, follow these steps: 

Amazon seller account cancellation 

Another problem that some Amazon sellers face is cancellation. Upon termination, your account will be removed from your possession and you will lose all of your reseller privileges. The good news is that there is a way to appeal to Amazon and get your account back.

Why are Amazon seller accounts disabled? 

When dealing with a disabled or suspended Amazon account, you need to know when the account is disabled. Amazon maintains its community well and has zero tolerance for violations. Accounts may be suspended for the following reasons: 

How to fix Amazon seller account suspension?

First, don’t rush to file a complaint. As with suspension, you need to gather information and find out the exact cause. After obtaining the required information, follow these steps: 

What is the difference between suspended and suspended accounts?

Amazon account suspended vs suspended: So what is the difference between these two situations? Upon termination, Amazon removes your listing and also removes your ability to transfer funds, holding them until you resolve the issue. Also, you can’t sell anything else. A suspension may be a limited “suspension” until the problem is resolved, but a suspension means that you cannot access the account and products. Suspended accounts are still charged. They have a similar behavior, and although it may be difficult, you can also recover the disabled account. 

Final Thoughts 

The modern market is owned by creative sellers, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the rules. A professional seller on Amazon is a seller who knows exactly what to do and what not to do. So, to avoid suspension or deactivation, the main thing you should do is to read and follow the Terms of Service. Walking a mile in your customers’ shoes is important before you discount their opinions. Try to understand their needs and help them have a pleasant shopping experience. Not only will this keep them coming back to you for more, but it will reduce the rate of negative reviews. We hope this article is useful for you. Thanks for reading.

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