The Amazon ASIN number is important in managing the Amazon product catalog. Having a valid ASIN number not only makes it easier for consumers to find your product, but also protects them from counterfeiting by being a unique number for your product. Amazon uses ASIN to easily identify and group products that are considered the same. The ASIN number can be used to quickly find products in Amazon’s catalog, instead of going through hundreds of items.

What is an ASIN number? 

The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a code that, as users, we can find on every product issue, and we will see it on the description page. An ASIN is a type of Amazon ID number, and each ASIN is different; it is a unique code for each product, and there is nothing else like it. This code is always associated with the same product or variation of the product.

 Amazon ID is a code with about 10 characters and is a combination of numbers and letters. The ASIN will allow you to track your products every time you enter your Amazon catalog. You can even track it in the Amazon online store, by entering the ASIN code in the general search of the Amazon store, and you will find your product. 

It should be noted that the Amazon ASIN number corresponds to the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the book in the case of books. An ISBN is a unique code that can be found on any book that is sold. 

The ASIN number is the fastest way for Amazon to find an item, so when you contact Amazon Support, it will be the first thing they ask for help.

 Where are Amazon ASIN numbers used? 

AISN is a unique product and its use is not limited to Amazon.com. It is also used in various markets such as Amazon.cn, Amazon.it, Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.es and others. again. 

For example, the ASIN of Dove shampoo is the same on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, etc. So, if you want to find the ASIN of a product, you can find it in any Amazon store. 

Why is Amazon ASIN important?

The ASIN code for Amazon is important for product tracking. It is a reliable reference for listing catalog pages for research or browsing. As there are already millions of products listed on Amazon, it will not be easy for customers to find the desired products without a unique ID. Therefore, the Amazon ASIN number is important for your business to maintain its identity in the market and help customers find what they want without problems.

 So it’s safe to say that providing an Amazon ASIN number on your product is very important. It is used in:

This identification number is necessary for the processing of the Amazon catalog. If you are good at SEO on Amazon, your product will have a better chance to appear among the top positions in the search. 

Additionally, you will need to list your products under an ASIN in order to sell them on Amazon. You will be surprised to know that Amazon already has an ASIN for your product. But that’s because there are two types of ASINs on Amazon: regular and unique.

 Imagine you are selling a popular toy on Amazon that is already listed by other sellers. In this case, you can use the same ASIN standard for your product, and Amazon will display the product page, even if it is sold by several sellers. On the other hand, if you sell unique products or items that are not listed, you can get a new unique ASIN number from Amazon. 

Is it better to create a new ASIN or use an existing one? 

It’s not about the best, but the best for your product. We already know that there are two types of ASINs on Amazon: the unique or new ASIN and the standard or existing ASIN. 

Note that you cannot create a new ASIN for a product that is already listed on the Amazon Marketplace. So, before you create a new ASIN for your product, make sure it’s not listed yet. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your selling rights.

 If your product is already on Amazon, you must match it with an existing ASIN. You must share this ASIN with other sellers who offer the same product on Amazon. The reason for sharing the ASIN is that Amazon wants to keep the search results page clean. Many sellers and wholesalers use ASINs on Amazon. 

On the other hand, if you are offering a product that is not yet sold on Amazon, you will need to create a new product listing before Amazon assigns it an ASIN. Brand owners, private labels and accounts with exclusive distribution rights are sellers who require a unique ASIN. 

If the concept of a new ASIN versus an existing ASIN is still unclear, imagine searching for “Tresemme Shampoo” on Amazon. Even if multiple sellers offer the same product, only one search result appears, meaning that all products from that seller share the same ASIN number.

 As you can see, ASIN should not be a concern for private label sellers. Most of the products sold are items purchased from sellers who sell on Amazon. Therefore, it is likely that this item already has an ASIN code on Amazon that identifies it, and the seller only has to figure out how to find it. On the other hand, manufacturers need to know the ASIN creation process and update their sales so that Amazon gives them a newly created ASIN code. To improve its sales, the company must improve its position, reach its customers better and, as a result, its sales increase. 

Benefits of creating new Amazon ASINs?

As you already know, Amazon is a huge market with millions of sellers competing to sell more of their products. High competition means that many listings have dozens or even hundreds of sellers offering the same product. Having a unique Amazon ASIN number means that you are the only seller (at least for now) that carries the item. By creating a new ASIN, you will get benefits such as: 


How do I find my Amazon ASIN number?

If the item you’re selling is already listed on Amazon, it will have an ASIN number generated, so you’ll need it to add it to your product. There are different ways to find it: 

It is important to understand that each product has a different ASIN, but each brand also has its own ASIN. Therefore, if a product has different sizes or colors, each type of clothing or item will have an ASIN. For example, a women’s t-shirt can be sold in four sizes and two colors to have eight different ASINs. 

How do I create unique Amazon ASINs? 

To prevent fraud and scams, Amazon imposes different limits on the creation of ASINs by those who are not connected to the owner of the brand, as long as it is registered in the registry. Additionally, retailers with limited sales are restricted from creating ASINs to ensure customer safety. As mentioned, Amazon ASIN is a unique code for each product. Therefore, it is prohibited to create a new ASIN when the product in question already exists in the Amazon catalog. The seller must associate the product with the previously created ASIN.

By using the Amazon control panel, you can manually add any product information. If the item is not in the catalog, the seller will need to provide Amazon with the following information to create an ASIN: 


You will need to download one of the specified template files from Amazon for this process. These templates can be found in the “Add Products From Upload” section of your Amazon Seller Central account. After filling out the information in the template, upload the file to Amazon for processing. Amazon will create new products and assign them an ASIN. This method works best for a large number of products. 

3) Use Energy Solutions 

Automated feeds are another great way to create new products and ASINs on Amazon. By using an online file, marketers can create a large number of products efficiently and systematically. Feed pulls data from various sources like your shopping cart or e-commerce back system and sends it to Amazon.


Note: Download error! 

Amazon has strict ASIN creation policies and data requirements that you must adhere to. If you don’t, you will get an error and your new product may not be manufactured.

You will see many errors if you use the Amazon admin panel to create products. But if you’re using an inventory file template or listing solution, an error will occur when Amazon processes your file or uploads your listing. Errors will be displayed in the code and require specific knowledge to understand and delete. 

Final Thoughts 

To start selling your products on Amazon, ASIN can direct many customers directly to your listed products. In this way, linking the ASIN to the product can help increase your Amazon sales. Therefore, it is important to know how to use the ASIN and other information mentioned in this article.

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