All Amazon sellers have one goal: to sell more. Increasing your bottom line starts with understanding one thing: how to increase sales on Amazon. Simple equation, right? More sales = more profit. But do you know how to increase the sales of your products on Amazon? There are many ways to drive traffic to your Amazon listing and get people to choose your product before clicking the “Buy Now” button. That’s why we want to make this list of 13 points you should work on in your plan to increase sales on Amazon. A good Amazon marketplace is the key to improving your product listings, getting a significant number of buyers, and the necessary changes to make online sales as profitable as it is possible. But how can you do it? To help you on this journey, we want to put together a set of tips to improve sales on Amazon that you should know and implement as quickly as possible in your business.

1) Keyword research is half there! 

Just like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use web pages, Amazon positions its products based on the needs of its customers’ searches. To ensure that your ads are seen, you need to make sure that you are promoting them with keywords that your customers can use. 

 Some useful tools allow you to identify some of the most popular terms used on the website. You can search for keywords based on the product name or article and create a list of keywords to promote your product name and description, increasing the chances of your product well in Google and Amazon results, which will help you increase your business. On the platform.

 2) Try to win the Buy Box 

If you’ve started selling on Amazon or are looking to, but you don’t know what the Buy Box is and why all sellers want it, you’re missing out on a powerful option to increase sales on Amazon. ‘Terrible way. 82% of Amazon sales occur in the Buy Box, primarily when done through a mobile device. 

It shows important details like product features, price, and most importantly: the seller. Of course, this is a space where only one person can stay. Therefore, when another seller offers the same product as you, you will compete to win the Buy Box, and Amazon will decide who deserves this position thanks to its algorithm. 

3) Other reviews, sales again! 

Reviews are a key factor in increasing FBA sales, as many consumers today are looking for positive feedback before buying or trusting a seller. Be sure to set up an automated email to ask your customers to leave seller feedback and product reviews, as both can affect your rankings.

 There are many software options you can use to send emails to your customers asking them to leave a review. Therefore, you can quickly ask your customers to leave feedback without sending many emails in a row.

 4) Promote your ad 

Amazon listing optimization is the process of updating product pages to improve your search results, click through rate (CTR), and conversion rate and ultimately increase sales. This process includes: keyword research, optimizing ad images and text content, increasing customer research, etc.

 This is one of the most important things you can do as a seller to increase sales on Amazon. Keep these three things in mind to improve your listing on Amazon: 

5) Use Amazon seller tools to increase your sales! 

In every job, some tools help us in our work or make our work easier and more efficient. This is also true for Amazon, since there are many tools to increase FBA sales. 

There are endless platforms and tools for practical purposes, from simple tools to find the best products for sale or the top ones or those that do A / B tests. 

In addition, There are also tools for creating financial records and tax information. A calculator created by a business relationship with Amazon, such as the Amazon FBA Calculator, to calculate the value of your product.

 6) Optimize your Amazon PPC ads 

Amazon PPC is an advertising campaign offered by Amazon for marketers to promote their products and brands and increase sales on Amazon. This type of advertising means that advertisers will pay for their ad when a user clicks on it, known as “pay per click”. 

Amazon PPC offers a variety of services that both new and experienced marketers can use. However, it’s important for newbies to sell on the platform because it’s a way to get exposure early. In any case, it’s a marketing tool that every Amazon seller needs

When launching a new product, starting with an automated ad with a very high input is a good idea. It will depend on the competition of the product niche and your willingness to spend. However, automated campaigns will eventually leave valuable information, which you should pay attention to; because every click, opinion and purchase through computer advertising is valuable data for a successful Amazon seller.

 7) Pay attention to the image of your product 

The quality of your product photos can make a big difference in your sales and can influence whether or not a customer buys. Blurry or pixelated images can prevent customers from seeing what they can buy.

 Here are some e-commerce photography tips: 

Amazon allows sellers to upload multiple product images, so focus on getting a variety of photos that show the product. In fact, every image should be great to increase sales on Amazon, not just thumbnail images. 

You can add a video of your product if you’re feeling adventurous, but that takes a long time.

 8) Write a winning product description 

Once your product name is attracting customers, you need to close the sale with a compelling product description. This text should be well written and contain all the details about the features and benefits of the product.

A carefully crafted product listing will help you stand out from the crowded Amazon marketplace and provide customers with a satisfying shopping experience. 

It may take a bit of trial and error to find the type of text and format, which translates to the best sales. However, once you find a method that works, it can help you increase your referral rate and possibly increase your Amazon sales. 

9) Try using video 

The video marketing rates speak for themselves: 

 78% of people watch online videos weekly and 55% watch them daily. And this trend continues to grow. Did you know that along with Google, YouTube is the second most visited website on the web? This shows us that many people watch videos online regularly. 

Video content not only drives more traffic, but it can also play a big role in increasing conversions by helping people understand your product better and giving customers the information they need about the products you offer.

 Video content is no longer a “strategy” to present your products online but a complete strategy. It is especially effective for e-commerce.

10) Provide excellent customer service 

Talking to your customers is one form of customer experience management that can boost sales on Amazon. By developing a personal relationship with your customers, they will remember your business – and return to it – because of the positive impact they had during that interaction.

 In the last ten years there has been a big change to be fun, informal and friendly. He has a good sense. Imagine a call center in a company with an independent and “corporate” style of talking to its customers. That’s not what customers want, but you don’t have to talk to your customers like you do your best friend. Here’s how to connect with your customers: 

11) Keep your Amazon account health status up to date! 

One of the main tips for increasing sales on Amazon is to follow its rules, one of which is to keep a certain level of order. This is also known as account health. Failure to consistently track these metrics may result in a warning, account suspension, or in the worst case scenario, account deletion. 

A dedicated page for this can be found in the Seller Central account called “Account Section”. You can find the six most important metrics on this page and all the information you need to track them. 

These metrics include: 

12) improve inventory and profits 

Many Amazon sellers lose several dollars in profits each year due to poor inventory management. If you want to avoid being one of the sellers and increase your FBA sales, you need to increase your inventory and profit by following these tips: 

One13) Try to Hijack Your Competitors List

 of the ways to increase sales on Amazon is to outrank your competitors’ product listings. Entering an Amazon listing means “supporting” your competitor’s product listing by pretending to offer the same product. To do this, you need to add your product (usually a fake version of a competitor’s product, at a lower price and quality) to their list, so that buyers can see that there are many sellers. 

This will lower your competitors’ prices and take away some of their sales. However, it should be noted that this process can have negative effects as the seller can report you to Amazon for violations. 

Final Thoughts 

Whatever Amazon seller tips you put into practice: To increase traffic and increase sales on Amazon, you should be able to organize, promote, share and analyze product information scattered to and you can use them all, to make your gift different. , and create as many sales as possible.

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