E-commerce has grown rapidly over the past few years and it is estimated that 17% of US retail sales will be online by 2022. Since Amazon’s share of the US e-commerce market is over 56%, it is the most important market for retailers. Success and getting the highest profit is the ultimate goal of every Amazon seller. One strategy for Amazon sellers to achieve this is to win a buy box that helps them achieve their goals. Follow this article to know more about Amazon buy box and how to use it. 

What is Amazon Shopping Box (help)?

You’ll see an Amazon buy or offer box displayed on the right side of the Amazon product description page. Here, customers can select the “Buy Now” button to purchase the product now or add it to their card to purchase later. Basically, not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box. Since many sellers sell the same item, there is always competition between sellers to win the Buy Box. 

The Buy Box holds about 83% of Amazon’s sales, and consumers often don’t care who provides the product, Amazon itself or others. sellers. Therefore, hitting the buy box affects sales. 

How does Amazon Buy Box work?

Amazon has an algorithm that evaluates every product offered by each seller. Each seller will be evaluated on several parameters such as price, execution method, etc. The results of this review reward the Shop Seller box with the best buying options for shoppers. 

Although not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box and must meet performance-based requirements, Amazon does not award a Buy Box to any seller. Instead, many sellers have the opportunity to win the Buy Box. 

How to Win an Amazon Shopping Box (Featured Offer) 

Sellers should improve their stats to increase their chances of winning the Buy Box. Finding the perfect balance between price, customer support, and many other factors is a difficult task because it should not affect performance in other areas. We can recommend that you follow these steps to win the Amazon Buy Box: 

Don’t be fooled by the lowest bid. It would be wise to use reprising software instead of rewriting manually to save time and have a competitive price. 

Try to check your metrics frequently to identify and fix problems as soon as possible. In Amazon Seller Central, all metrics are listed, which helps you decide which parts need to be changed. 

Always improve your performance. Amazon Seller Central helps you identify important performance areas you need to improve. 

In general, certain metrics have the greatest impact on the Buy Box (displayed offer). Sellers use Amazon Seller Central software like Feedback Express to improve their feedback score, which is a critical metric. 

Amazon recently introduced two new customer experience metrics. Although these metrics do not affect the Amazon Buy Box algorithm at this time, you should keep customer metrics focused on the key factors that win buy boxes on Amazon. 

Key points for winning a box purchase on Amazon 

Amazon uses algorithms for checkout to determine the best value for customers. This algorithm includes many factors and variables depending on the product and group. That’s why different retailers compete for different products and brands. 


Here, performance metrics are listed that affect access to the Buy Box, although Amazon does not disclose any official criteria. The critical factors are: 

Sellers can choose from 3 types of fulfillment systems on Amazon: FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) or SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime). Amazon offers FBA a full range of options, including shipping methods, delivery times, and inventory depth. However, since sellers can enroll in the SFP program with good performance metrics, these sellers have a higher chance of winning the Buy Box than FBA sellers.

When paying for products, sellers should consider the floor price (material cost + shipping cost). If a seller is doing better than their competitor, they can raise the price to get their share of the guaranteed contract.

The time the seller takes the shipment is called shipping time. If the shipping time is less than 2 days, the seller has the best chance to win the Buy Box. 

Amazon’s algorithm automatically recommends potential products. Therefore, sellers should maintain a good product level and avoid non-product items. 

ODR has three metrics: Negative Return Rate + AZ License Rate + Service Return Rate. ODR should be less than 1%, Amazon will penalize sellers with high ODR. 

This metric calculates the percentage of shipments that have good tracking over the past 7 and 30 days. If the seller wants to be a qualified buyer, this metric must be 95% or more. 

The percentage of orders shipped after the expected ship date must be less than 4%. Otherwise, the chances of winning the Buy Box will decrease. 

97% or more of orders from sellers that require Amazon’s featured offer will be delivered on time.

The feedback score is the highest and highest seller feedback score in the past 30, 90, and 365 days. The most recent words have the most impact on this metric.

Amazon reviews and compares competitor response times. Sellers who respond to their customers within 12 hours can win the Buy Box.

The more customers give feedback to the seller, the better. The following are less important than the above, but you should still consider them: 

Sellers with a large inventory, a good track record, and consistent sales can offer a high Buy Box ratio. Sellers who don’t often have a product have a lower chance of winning the Buy Box.

The frequency with which the seller cancels the order before shipping and the frequency with which the order is refunded after shipping is the refund and refund rate. The rate should be less than 2.5%.

 Buying a box exchange / shown in 2022 

Featured Help is the new name for the Buy Box in Amazon Seller Central. Although everything still works as before, the terms used are different. The announcement of these two new systems is another change for the Amazon Buy Box in 2022. 

This metric is used to measure the percentage of buyers who are unhappy with the seller’s response to messages.

This indicator measures customer satisfaction and the carrier’s product return process. 

We don’t know when these metrics will be considered to evaluate sellers to win the Buy Box. Either way, it’s important to learn about these levels and look for the lowest rates. 

How do I check Buy Box eligibility?

You should visit your Seller Central account and see if you qualify for the Buy Box. So:

  1. Go to “Manage Inventory”. 
  2. Under the “Preferences” tab, you can see the eligibility section highlighted.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Show when available”. 
  4. When you qualify for the featured offer for each SKU, you will see “Yes” otherwise you will see “No”. 

Purchases require box presence 

Having product availability and managing product levels on a platform like Amazon is very important. You don’t need to be out of stock or low in your inventory because customers can’t buy your product without it. As a result, you can’t beat the Buy Box and your search ranking drops quickly. This also affects the presence of the Buy box in the future.

 Sellers, especially those who make judgments online on amazon, should know that even when the product is back in stock, it usually takes time to return to its original position. Therefore, try not to take risks by having a small stock.

 Is there more to the Amazon Buy Box? 

Buying a box is not the only way to sell on Amazon, although it is the most profitable. There are many other ways to sell on Amazon that give you some credibility and exposure. These means: 

All product information is clearly displayed on this page and any customer can use it to make a purchase decision.

The top three selected lists are displayed under the displayed offer (called before the purchase box), which must comply with Amazon’s requirements. Although this method is not as visible as the Buy Box, these lists have a higher chance of discussion with buyers than these prices and are not anonymous at all.

All sellers of the same product are listed on this page. It doesn’t matter if they meet the requirements of the specified offer or not. In addition, all offers are displayed in terms of the floor price (price + shipping) and other variables such as feedback and discount policy.

Final thought 

Nowadays, winning a buy box or featured offer is more important than ever. Because most people shop online on mobile devices. But as you know the Amazon app doesn’t show many seller options on mobile devices. Therefore it is important to qualify for the Buy Box, which will take into account many variables. The customer shopping experience offers and items with certain criteria such as price, delivery speed, shipping options and 24/7 customer service, fulfillment methods (such as seller engagement and Amazon fulfillment) that Affect the seller’s buy box. online arbitrators.

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