“What should I do if my Amazon seller account is suspended? That’s a question many people ask when they receive the dreaded email from the company informing them of the suspension. . So, how to proceed in this situation? Before making a decision, you need information. You need to understand the cause of the suspension and know the solutions available to fix it. In this article, we will tell you why these restrictions occur. You will also learn how to react to the situation and feel better. Follow our advice when you see this message (Amazon is blocking my seller account) and complete your confirmation process successfully. 

What happens if my Amazon seller account is suspended? 

Since your Amazon seller account has been banned, you are no longer allowed to sell. This usually happens when a seller violates Amazon’s rules, terms, or conditions during their selling process. 

If your account is suspended, buyers will not be able to see your Amazon product listings. So you’re not on Amazon. But don’t worry because all this can be reversed and there are things you can do to improve the suspension. Amazon notifies sellers when their accounts are suspended, so you can tailor your calls based on the type of suspension you’re facing. 

Why was my Amazon seller account suspended? 

There are various reasons for terminating an Amazon seller account. When you register as a seller, Amazon sends you a welcome email. In this message, they thank you for supporting the account. 

 Don’t forget to read the store’s terms of service according to the area you sell. Failure to comply with any of them may result in suspension. Many people ignore this information; we hope you are not one of them. 

This (account suspension) does not happen on the first minor offense. Therefore, it is important that you read these terms of service carefully and fully familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot do as a seller. 

If you receive an email informing you that your Amazon seller account has been suspended, the message explains the reason for the suspension decision. Read the email carefully and find out why. If you’ve skipped the Workflow the first time, don’t do the same with this message.

 Reasons for customer account suspension include: 

How to Recover a Suspended Amazon Seller Account 

The first tip for recovering a suspended Amazon account is to pay close attention to the messages Amazon sends you. The platform can notify you of any failure in advance, so try to fix it before the end of the transaction.

 When you are suspended, the first thing is to understand the reason. Review emails, company policies and any information you have, such as previous notices, to determine the cause. If you’ve already figured it out (reasons for Amazon seller account suspension), it’s time to write a review. 

There is no process for this text, but it is important that you explain why Amazon suspended your account. Admit that you were wrong and talk about the actions you will take to improve the situation that led to the suspension (action plan). 

If you give direct answers to Amazon, your account will work again soon, so plan your actions and explain them in this document. 

How to avoid suspension of seller accounts?

90% of Amazon seller account suspensions happen due to user ignorance. When you seek the advice of a qualified profile, trained and experienced, they will guide you and prevent you from making mistakes that could lead to the suspension of your Amazon account.

This topic is closely related to the previous section. You should read the Amazon Terms of Service to know what you can and cannot do.

This is important because selling bad products will lead to many problems and complaints that will cause Amazon to suspend your account. 

Before suspending an account, Amazon prompts you to take action. Amazon’s primary form of communication with sellers is via email, so you should check it frequently to see if it has sent you any warnings.

Another main reason for blocking an Amazon seller account is the percentage of orders received from bad reviews, claims of infringement, or customers requesting a refund of the purchase price. Try to keep this percentage always under 1%; otherwise, Amazon may suspend your account. 

There are different types of seller account bans 

There are only two types of restrictions: you are present or suspended.

However, there are several states in it: 

Final Thoughts 

One of the most worrying situations you may encounter when using Amazon as a platform for buying and selling products is the termination of your Amazon seller account. 

The growth of e-commerce has made many leading companies consider their customers as their top priority. Amazon is always concerned to provide good service to its customers. Therefore it makes sure that those who provide products on its platform follow the terms of use or the law. This is why their level of demand is very high when they close an account when all conditions are not met. Amazon has a clear policy that any breach will result in account termination. But there is no need to worry; if you follow the solutions given in this article, you will not have any problems and can continue to sell on Amazon without interruption.

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