In 2017, TKEES is a successful retailer with a popular and trending shoe style in Brazil and made in a neutral tone, but the company has not yet sold its shoes in ‘Internet.

 The appointment of Daniel Abramov as Chief Digital Officer that year helped turn the tide and launch TKEES on a successful e-commerce path. Today, the brand offers an ever-growing range of shoes and clothing for a global audience.

 The car to go online from above – CEO Jesse Burnett – Daniel says it’s a gamble that pays off. 

“In 2018, we stepped on the pedal, stepped up to speed and made the business even bigger,” he says.

“People are looking for your website, and until you create one, they reach your competitors, or they reach your wholesale partners. They reach someone, but not you. 

 Daniel attributed the growth of TKEES in part to a new e-commerce strategy. The company works with direct messages, partners and influencers, and also runs several digital campaigns as part of the overall process. 

TKEES then wanted to figure out where to best reach its customers and the best way to communicate with them.


“If you understand that the customer lives and exists in the real world as much as they do in the digital space, you can direct your marketing there,” Daniel says. 

TKEES’ success in marketing has set it apart from other online merchants and dictated how it developed its extensive e-commerce strategy.

 “We’re always reinventing ourselves,” says Daniel. “We’re always looking for new styles and new heights to get into.” The company now sells a variety of clothing lines online alongside its popular footwear.

“When I first joined TKEES, e-commerce was about 10% to 15% of the business. In the last five years or so, we do about 60% online. » 

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