Wild animals are evolving to create personal care products.

Founded in 2019 by childhood friends Charlie Bowes-Lyon and Freddy Ward, Wild wants to eliminate plastic and single-use waste from bathrooms around the world. 

From shampoo, conditioner, body wash to toothpaste and deodorant, the bathroom is full of plastic,” said Charlie. “Not only do we want to reduce this problem, but we think we can completely eliminate plastic from the materials used.”

Charlie and Freddy first solved the problem by redesigning all deodorant packaging. “You get the case, which lasts a lifetime and is aluminum, and you’re rewired,” Charlie explains. “The packaging is made from bamboo pulp and can be made with it.” 

After a year-long product development process that included more than 35 iterations, Charlie and Freddy had a deodorant that was ready for the market. The next step? Create interest. To do this, the herd went online, reaching as many people as possible. 

“Before we even started, we created a huge mailing list,” Charlie shares. “We went out and got involved in lots of different groups on Facebook, Mumsnet, Quora, and every forum we could find.” 

The profession of joining and participating in more than 500 paid online groups. The Wildcats had an initial sale that reflected the anticipated sales of Charlie and Freddy’s products.

 “We did £100,000 in sales during our launch, which gave us confidence that we had a product that people really wanted,” says Charlie. “This means that when we launch in April [2020], we are excited to invest heavily in our Facebook and Google campaigns.” 

Now, two years after that start, the Wild have passed the eight-digit mark, and the team is ready to do more in the bathroom.

The wild launch process was just one area Charlie covered during our interview for the Shopify On Location podcast miniseries. Join this interview to learn more about the duo’s product development process, funding experience, and current marketing mix.

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