Finding social media content ideas is a never-ending task. Even the wealthy sometimes struggle to create new social media campaigns for all their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. 

You would think that because there is literally an unlimited number of advertising content ideas for business, it would be easy, right?

 Not so! All these thoughts are frightening. So let’s keep it simple, shall we?

 I’m going to show you 5 types of social media content you need to focus on. 

Why? Because of these: 

#1 Conversation Starters 

What’s the first thing you do when you walk into your room with a group of people? You start having a conversation. You socialize with other people, talk about them, talk about what is happening recently, talk about yourself. Our society is built on conversation and social media is no different. If you want to get to know your subscribers and be able to offer them what they are looking for, starting a conversation is important. 

How to do that? Here are some quick ways: 

#2 Community builders 

Once people are interacting, you want to get them active in your community and sharing with their friends online. 

To do this, you need to give them something to share. Those tips are great! What you said… what other people said, it doesn’t matter. Singer TobyMac does a fantastic job on this one. 

Check him out on Facebook to see all the quotes he’s posted and shared on his profile and other pages.

#3 Confidence builders 

Where are you? What did you do? Why should your followers believe what you say? A printed proof shows your skills and gives you strong authority. 

What can you post to build your credibility? Here are 3 ideas that work well: 

#4 Link Maker 

Let your friends know they can trust you for the good stuff! When they want to explore your niche, you want to be the first person they think of. You can get this by sharing: 

#5 Converters!

Once you guide your new or existing subscribers through all of these steps, they will be ready to trust you with their email and credit card.

 Now it’s time to post: 

Should You Use These 5 Content Types In Order? 


 Your followers will love the process they are on. Also, you can’t control your followers… they won’t all type LIKE at once, so sharing some 5 types of content regularly makes sense. 

But even if you know what kind of content you want to create viral posts, you still need to create them and that takes time.

 Investing in easy to customize social media templates is a great way to go. Template design means more than just plain text and can be shared (hence the viral aspect).

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