As a partner, do you ever feel stuck? Do you use the same online advertising method over and over again while letting others sit on the shelf? 

Maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit. Adding new promotion types can: 

But what should you include? Here are 9 affiliate marketing strategies used on affiliates that you can explore and try to grow your income.

They are listed in order of difficulty from hardest to least difficult 

  1. Dedicated Website | It is difficult | Long term strategy 

Building an entire website focused on a very narrow niche will allow you to attract targeted traffic that is highly interested in the affiliate products you will be promoting.

 For example, this niche site – FoodTruckr.com – is (as you might imagine) only for people who want or own a food truck. 

Everything on the site is for information, training and resources only for food truck owners. You will find online affiliate marketing strategies all over the site. Link added to resource page. Links to affiliate products and blog posts. Everywhere you click on the site, you will see proof of affiliate marketing in action.

 Creating a niche website is not a quick process. You should : 

Therefore, although this is not a very easy effort, it will bring you a large amount of frequent Extra income for the coming year when everything is in place.

  1. Blog | It is difficult | Long Term Growth Strategy 

If you have an existing website (on any topic), you can add a blog to it without much effort. Simple blog templates are available in WordPress or online that you (or your team) can install quickly to get you up and running in a snap. 

Since your blog will be added to an existing website, the website will determine the topic(s) your article will cover. So if your website is about fish farming, your blog should be about fish farming. It wouldn’t make sense to have a site about goldfish fishing and a blog with the same URL that talks about growing roses.

 Existing traffic and mailing lists can be used to quickly drive traffic to posts. Existing social media accounts and other methods can be used to drive traffic to your blog. Posts can include affiliate links or can be sponsored posts, comparison posts, reviews, or many other forms that allow you to put affiliate products front and center. 

Worried that you don’t have enough ideas for blog posts? Shortcuts for blog posts provide a convenient and quick solution. Get 1 free sample here.

As your blog grows in popularity, you will find that affiliate services come in free of charge, which is always welcome. 

However, if your blog is going to stand alone (a blog is going to be a whole website), you’ll have a little more to do before recurring revenue becomes the norm (see list for #1 above ).

  1. Podcast | It is difficult | A long process 

Starting a podcast as an affiliate marketing strategy takes a little work. Signing up hosts, editing recordings, and uploading your podcast to various sites takes time. Depending on the technology you use, the process can also be complicated.

 But one long-term benefit applies here like building a niche website or blog. When you develop your audience, you attract people who have a clear interest in the topic you will cover. When you include online affiliate marketing in your podcast by mentioning products in your listings and including affiliate links in the show notes, you can make a lot of money. 

And, just like blogging, you may start to see more traffic over time. 

  1. True Companion | It is very difficult 

Have you created an affiliate program for affiliate products? These are products that provide intensive training on how to perform a specific task. Then, as part of the training, a presentation of some kind of software or tool, etc. included in your affiliate link.

 Using the affiliate product you promote is not necessary to complete the training article, but it does make the completion easier.

For example, digital training on how to create an e-book can be created as a supplement to the e-book application. Add a few ways to create ebooks – some of them don’t require an affiliate product that the customer will want to buy. 

This way, anyone who buys your system will still benefit from it, whether they buy the affiliate product or not. And, when people will choose to buy affiliate products, you will have two ways to make money: which

Another example…training on how to use quizzes in your marketing might include a demonstration of a quiz tool you’ve put together.

To use affiliate marketing as an affiliate marketing strategy, you’ll need: 

  1. Video | Simple enough 

Years ago, video was a beast to use. Proper lighting, professional grooming, looking good in your clothes and hair. But it’s not.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t create the best video possible, but with all the mobile videos popping up on TikTok, Twitter, Insta, Facebook and more, it’s perfectly acceptable to be alone in any situation you can be. inside. And people love it! 

 Besides needing a phone with a video camera (or still video camera), a free roaming account, and possibly a flashlight, you can start uploading videos to YouTube and other sites… now. 

What do you have to share?

They will not be very long. Just four or five minutes of content can be enough to convert watchers into buyers. 

  1. Gift | Simple enough 

Many online marketers have used Affiliate Promotion offers to grow their listings and promote their own products/services. But have you ever considered creating an offer to earn commissions on affiliate products?

 Most freebies are some form of training and/or tools that help your customers do something simple. You’ve probably downloaded a lot of freebies in your time online. You enter your email address and the company sends you a guide, infographic or whatever. 

At its core, creating an offer for an affiliate product follows the same process as creating an offer for your own product. But there are a few differences when it comes to affiliate products. Your main: 

What types of offers can you create to promote affiliate products?

  1. Email | Simple enough 

If you have a mailing list, no matter how small, you should send affiliate offers to your subscribers. There is no doubt that email is the best way to communicate with your subscribers. 

Think about it. These people have asked to hear from you. They asked to be on your list. So, sending them information about products and services that you think will make their lives easier only makes sense. 

If you have an existing email list, this is an easy way to make money from affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a mailing list, it’s easy to set up. Choose an email marketing agency (I use and recommend ActiveCampaign).

Then start adding subscribers to your list. My recommendation is that you already write several e-mails so that you can give a preview of what your login will receive. These may include: 

  1. Social Media | Simple 

It doesn’t get any easier! If you have a social account, start sharing! Share the items from the list above in the email section to get started. You can do this manually or use a content editor. There are many options, but my favorite is the one included in Canva Pro. 

If you don’t have a social media account, you can get started in minutes. Open an account. Connect with friends and/or business partners. Start posting! 

  1. Resource Web Site | Simple 

Collect links and brief descriptions of products/services you regularly use and are associated with. Then create a simple sponsored resource page on your site. Be sure to pair it with your key bar.

 I recommend that you organize the resources in style. For example, web design resources, email marketing resources, free financial resources, etc. (Using category)

And where to go! You’d be surprised how many people go to that page to see what you recommend and end up buying. Instant commission! 

 There are many ways to promote your favorite affiliate products. Don’t just use two or three. Spread your wings and see how other exposures can increase your income.

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