How old is your blog? Whether it’s been five days or five years, you’ve probably been asking yourself the same question. Why? Because these are permanent tasks that every blogger pursues forever. These are questions about: 

 It is the last one that I will tell you about today.

When you search for something like “make money blogging”, many posts tell you to:  

And other ideas are more complex. 

Let me give you five simple tips that I use every day. They were found to not take as long as other groups of counsel. 

Easy Way To Make Money Blogging #1 – Generate Publications From Your Blog 

Creating and selling prints is one of the easiest things you can do. What are they? Digital files that your customers buy and print on their own printers (hence the name).

While some may find the details too complicated, here are a few simple ones to consider:  


You can use some of your blog posts to create a checklist of the steps you describe in the post. For example, if your blog is about puppy adoption, your checklist might cover what people want when adopting a new puppy. You may have one to buy before you bring your new baby home. Or the stage of raising a puppy.

A to-do list

A to-do list might include morning routines for your puppy (things to do before going to work). Another for the evening series.

Search Etsy for “to-do lists”. They don’t need to be sophisticated. The idea is to make them simple and easy to create. You can use Canva templates to start with a to-do list or any other printable ideas in this section. Modify the layout slightly to suit your needs and add your new text. 

Planner Pages 

Create planner pages to guide people through the process of achieving goals such as losing weight, quitting smoking, or growing their email list. The planner pages will allow you to easily define the steps you will follow. Again… Etsy will have lots of examples and Canva will have free templates.

You can also purchase Private Label Licensing (PLR) products and turn them into publications. Just tweak them a little and sell them IF they come with a commercial license. Or create a publication from your own blog. 

Word Art

And Word Art? This is one of the easiest prints to make! It is an art made with words. No, I’m not kidding. Search Etsy for “printable word art” and you’ll be amazed at how cute the letters are. 

Sell ​​these printables individually or in bundles. You can sell them on your own site or open an Etsy shop and put them there. Add a link to your blog (in the design element or in the text of your posts) and you’re ready to convert! 

Easy Way to Make Money Blogging #2 – Accept Referrals 

If you’ve ever had the word “guest” on your blog, you’ve probably gotten requests to include other business posts on your blog. These companies can also pay good money. 

But there are a few things you should be careful of before you agree to post someone else’s content on your blog. You need a knife. Poorly written content that is not on the topic of your niche and provides a high level of insight into the details of the topic will not be well received by your audience. 


While there are many honest companies that will contact you to add their content to your blog, some are not to be trusted. Make sure you ask the right questions to make sure things are worthwhile 

Easy Way to Make Money Blogging #3 – Write Sponsored Posts

On the other hand, there are also companies that require you to write. These companies will ask you to create a review of their product/service or write about their offer. 

You will usually need to find these by contacting the different companies individually. Make a connection, show them some of your work (maybe other sponsored posts you’ve written) and tell them about the results.

Once you both agree that there should be a partnership, you will usually receive the product for free, and you will be paid for the postage.

Easy way to make money blogging #4 – Add affiliate links 

Similar to sponsored posts, affiliate links allow you to promote other people’s products or services and earn commissions on any market you sell. 

When you sign up as an affiliate for a business, you get a tracking link that collects data on the number of times you earn, sell, and earn money. Then, from once a week to once a month, you will be paid what you deserve. 

Here’s what you need to know before you upgrade. 

Then, you can choose to write articles on topics related to affiliate products and post them on your blog.

Where can you find affiliate products that best match your list? It will help.

 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging #5 – Give a paid company 

You have knowledge on the subject that no one else can replicate. Whether it’s your description, your personality, the advice you can share or a dozen other things. Also, those who contact you may not be able to find someone else who can explain things like you do. 

Instead of creating a complete product based on your blog content, keep it simple and host a paid webinar instead.

You will need:  

You don’t have slides if you don’t need them. You can just be on camera and talk. 

Choose a specific topic. It is not “how to start an online business”. It’s too broad and you won’t be able to cover it all. Something like “the five most important things you need to start an online business”. 

 If you want, record a paid webinar and make it available for purchase as a replay later.

 It’s easier, faster and less complicated than creating a digital product that requires delivery and support. 

So you see, there is an easy way to get your blog. Choose one of these blogs and give it a try. Then add a new method every two to four weeks until you’ve tried them all.

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