What is the holy grail of publishing? A rare combination of items that people will buy again and again and items that are not fashionable and will not go out of style.

If that doesn’t explain the other publications, I don’t know! 

 According to a survey conducted by OnePoll for BJ’s Wholesale, the average American will spend more than $1,400 on events during the year and will host about seven parties during that time. About $58 of the money will be used for decorations. 

Given the high cost of jewelry, many visitors are looking for a more affordable alternative to nature. Add a party poster! 

 These days, you can find a great selection of party decorations, templates, and more on Etsy. Here are some examples.

Birthday Party Printables

Birthday Party Printable Photo Booth Prop Examples

Printable Wedding Invitation Examples

Printable Baby Shower Game Examples

You get the idea. You can search Etsy for printable party decorations and related items: 

Printable party decorations and catering niches also give you a great opportunity to use the same ideas for your decorations and supplies. For example, if you’re making a sign for a tailgate party, you can use the same pattern to make a sign for a graduation party. Just quickly replace the photo of the football and graduation cap, change the color and change the background.

 Or you can create a wedding invitation using a flower illustration and use the same flower image for a girl’s graduation party invitation. 

A simple change like this only takes a few minutes and you’ve created a new type of event print to add to your store.

 What’s not to like? 

Other selling editions offer the benefits of: 

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