No matter how many blogs you’ve read or courses you’ve taken, you’ll find the same truth in all of them: email subject lines are the most important part of any email campaign.

Why? Because a small string of letters and numbers is all that will convince the subscriber to open the message. If they don’t go beyond your subject line, everything else is for nothing. 

How good can you be at writing email subject lines? Learn with participation. This blog post is going into the follow-up section, as we’ll be looking at the most successful email subject lines from the campaigns I sent in 2021 to see which one was the best.

These are based on open rates. Click-through rates aren’t a subject line because the reader hasn’t seen the content of the email or had a chance to click on any links.

Email subject line example 

There are a few sentences in the email subject line that push the reader’s buttons. The reference to the hot market is the same because it expresses the feeling of urgency and also shows the secret to success. The addition of “5 minutes” is interesting because people often like the idea of ​​a quick win that won’t take them forever to see results. 

Every time you use the word “gift”, you will get a high level of open anger. It’s pointless because people love things for nothing. 

Getting people to question what they think they know is a great way to engage your audience. After subscribers read the subject line of the email (maybe twice), they may wonder “So who is this marketer?” This question requires an answer in order to read the email and click on the links. 

The main point of this article is that you can create Etsy mockups quickly and easily. A few clicks and you’re done! 

When your audience realizes that they can stop creating everything from scratch and make money doing it, they will be open to emails because they want to know more. 

Bloggers need traffic to grow and succeed. One of the best ways to do this is to rank high on Google. With the promise of showing them how to achieve this goal, this article is rewarded with a high percentage of openings. 

Do you want to not only sell something once, but also get more sales from those customers? Shit, yes! This eliminates most of the work of increasing your income. Giving people what they want is a guaranteed win with one of the best email subject lines.

Hot tips! They fall into the “secret” category of sweet little treats that not everyone can get. So when you say you have good advice, expert advice, or pro advice, curiosity makes it clear that people want to know what it is.

Take something hard and make it look easy and you’ve got an instant hole, that’s for sure! 

Oh! What does all this mean? Who showed me? How did he do it? Is there a fight? ! This email subject line is just begging to be opened because it’s so interesting.

Why, yes, I am fighting. Pick a problem that most people in your audience have and turn it into a question. The subject line of your email will be a big win. NOTE: The content of your email should follow the product or your subscribers will be disappointed. 

This is a different way to solve problems. In this version, it is not a question, but an exciting promise. 

Last-call emails often get open rates. This indicates a large discount is about to disappear. A “final judgment” call lets readers know that there will be no more warnings until the sale ends.

Would you like to do small jobs first and get paid frequently? This is the basis of the money without money. It is difficult for many people. Even though they wanted to, they couldn’t find a way to get it. Give a reader 22+ ways to get it and your open rate will skyrocket!  

Email Subject Line Best Practices

Depending on who you ask, the best email subject line varies. In my opinion, it’s better to use your own list to track your own email performance to get accurate data on what’s working.

Salesforce believes that you should keep your subject line to 50 characters or less. But it’s a business-oriented outfit. This may be true for B2B, but because I’m in the B2C arena, I don’t want to spoil this best series of articles to try longer articles.

Active campaign offers advice and a free subject line builder. Depending on the mailing list host, the best email subject line is based on curiosity and problem solving. I agree 100%! Maybe that’s why I like to use Active Advertising. While there are other ways to write email subject lines that work, these are two of my favorites. 

What is the best practice for the subject line of my email? The average number of characters for the 14 subject lines above is 46. I aim for about 50 when possible. However, if using a few characters will spoil the message I’m trying to get across, I go long without hesitation. 

Why 50 characters? Mobile phone. According to MovableInk’s US Consumer Interest Report, 66% of all emails in the US are opened on mobile. With a narrow lens, small letters are visible. 

You can enter before the header (most email hosts allow this option), which gives you a second line of text. But I encourage you to experiment and track your own results to see what works for your own list. 

Test email subject lines 

How to test your email subject line? This is my favorite method.

Write the first subject line (control). Choose a contrasting technique for writing the subject line of the email you will be testing (the difference).

If you decide to write the first subject line (control) as a question, like this: 

Then, take a different and different approach by not asking questions. It can mean: 

Or other methods. How I Do It: A quick and easy Email Splitting Course shows you what you need to know to start testing every part of your emails for the best results.

 Track your results and – about every 15 minutes – review the data you’ve collected and identify the best. There’s no better place to tell you what’s working for your list than your list.

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