You have selected your product. Can’t wait to launch it on Amazon. But how do you ensure that your ad will grab your prospects’ attention and get them to click “Add to Cart”?

Start by writing compelling copy for your name, bullet points, and product description. 

It may seem like a long process, but these 3 simple tips can help you create a really effective list.

  1. Create a compelling headline 

Your name is your most important thing. If that doesn’t engage your audience, they won’t see your other ads. 

To create an article that attracts your customers from below, you should include: 

Let’s say you sell diaper bags. It’s a very competitive niche, but you have an advantage: your diaper bag includes a folding bassinet that doubles as a changing table. 

You will need high quality keyword research from Helium 10 Cerebro and Magnet. Search first for terms related to “diaper bag”, but don’t ignore searches for “clothes” and “diaper bags”. These are the second and third keywords, not the main keywords, but they are still useful because some customers will need them. 

Once you’ve compiled a strong list of keywords, sort them in order of search volume. Add your 2-3 big words to your product name. But never “keywords”. Bring out your key phrases in your title text in a smooth, flowing and natural way.

 Also, link your keywords to the main value of your product. Research shows that value-focused titles work best on Amazon. So make sure you let your customers know what your product can really do for them. Additionally, use powerful, persuasive language that appeals to you and your prospect’s needs.

 For example, you can suggest something like this: 

All in one unisex back pack includes adjustable bassinet and adjustable pad for baby’s comfort and convenience, comes with a durable waterproof cover with multiple pockets, black . 

 This name has three syllables, but they don’t seem forced or full. Plus, at 194 characters in total, it’s well within Amazon’s strict 200-character limit. Even better, it offers the main benefits – “baby comfort” and “your beauty” – so it will be more interesting than just a string of words. 

  1. Build a compelling case with bullets 

Amazon’s bullet point is the bane of your ad. They lay out the main features and benefits of your product in an “inverted pyramid” format, starting with the main benefit – the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – and working from there.

If you offer a warranty or guarantee beyond Amazon’s 30-day gift, show it in the fifth bullet point. Besides that, focus directly on the value of the product.

In your bullet point, use:  

Also, make sure that every bullet point has at least one important high-key word, inserted securely into the copy so that it doesn’t sound weird or awkward. 

  1. Support your case with a well-crafted product description 

Did you know that the product description is the first thing users see, below the product name?

 That’s true. Bullets appear on top of pages on desktops and laptops. But, on mobile devices, the description provides an introduction. 

So even though your product description doesn’t carry as much algorithmic power as headlines and bullet points, it still provides a great platform to convince your audience. Bottom line: don’t ignore it. This should be more than a few sentences repeating the main points.

Here’s how to make your description appealing to your customers: 

Above all, talk like your customers 

Have you ever read an Amazon listing and asked, “What does this mean?” What is PVC? What is the recommendation? What is XYZA certification? » 

You are not alone. Too often, marketers use industry buzzwords that might work for them but everyone else misses out on. That’s why we recommend Helium 10’s Review Insights. It shows how real customers think and speak, so you can speak their language, not yours. When you quickly apply these changes to your listing, you will begin to see increased customer engagement and a higher number of monthly sales!


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